Since when is red negative?

I bought these tamiya connectors on the internet to go with my Turnigy 1,2 batteries because that is what they use and I have 3 of them.
Went to the trouble of cutting the old plug off my gun, resoldering and shrink wrapping only to find that black is positive and red is negative on those connectors . That don’t work too well with my batteries.
Has anyone else come across this same problem?

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Usually with most plugs that have wires crimped on, there will be a little metal barb that stops the wires coming out.
If you push that in with a needle or similar, you can take the wires out and swap them around


bro scrap the Tamiya clips and go the deans you won’t look back


xt all the way :slight_smile:

i do have a preference for naked plugs and a crimper but even that doesn’t stop me from putting leads in the wrong hole.

arty_marty is right…there are tags you can depress to pull out the pin.

the mini tamiya has two either side of the pin that you can access through the front of the plug


You don’t have to press them too hard either. If you do you might have to bend them out a little if it won’t click back in and hold. They will break off if you keep bending them back and forth though.

Thanks @Arty_Marty that little trick worked a treat about swapping the two little inside connection posts, saved me from re soldering which I am useless at. I was so proud of my work and didn’t want to re do it :sweat_smile:

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All of these made up connectors can be bought in A connection arrangement and B connection arrangement… if you get the wrong one, you just have to pop out the pins and place them in the opposite holes.

That is why one has to check that the orientation of wires are correct when you have changed plugs.

If you have a smart phone that came with that little pointy pick to get the simcard drawer out… they work good to pop the pins out of connector plugs :+1:

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