Single fire has disappeared with my MK V2 build

Hey guys I got a little problem I’m installing a MK v2 gearbox into my HK 416. And my single shot has now disappeared and been replaced with full auto. Anyone got any info on how to fix this and get my single shot back? Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Same happened with my wells when I got the mk box and a new motor

I end up fixing it in the end. Took me a little bit to Figure it out.

Do tell @HEAVEN. Was it the selector plate?

HEAVEN knows noidea

See what I did there?.. oh… never mind badluck


Well I was doing a Mk V2 gear box First build ever.
But I just screwed down the switch that engages with the sector gear to tight, The switch disengages the Trigger mechanism

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Off topic. How was the fit of the V2 into the LDT416? Did you stick with the war interest t-piece?

Stock T Piece, yes.

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