Single shot problen

I’ve been working on my new kriss vector v2 & I’ve done several upgrades
-27.5cm alloy barrel+ metal T-Piece
-unported cylinder
-green o ring

  • 1.3 spring
    But everytime I switch to single shot mode it suddenly when into limp mode and several gel balls has been shot with very limited power😢
    May I know which part I miss? New cylinder & t piece is seal using araldite to lessen the leaks…

hey @kitsern12

unfortunately you’re having to strip it down.

you need to test the seal on the nozzle <> T piece.

the vector’s stock t and nozzle have a fairly unique profile and its been noted a few times that many of the after market t pieces leak like a sieve because of poor contact with the nozzle rubber / silicon.

now, why you don’t experience this in burst / full auto is easy…simply…the box keeps hammering away at the cylinder shoving air into the system so what you see at the other end looks ok.

once you fix the seal, your full auto and burst will be off the chain by comparison to what you presently see as “ok”

as will your single shot.

checking the seal in the vector is a bit of fkn around…but the way i do it is…

stuff bluetack into the gel input hole
make sure your piston is seated in the cylinder and that the nozzle is all the way forward
blow down the barrel…

if you are leaking you’ll hear it
if you have a good seal you will feel resistance and if you blow hard either the piston will move (if your gearing isn’t installed) or you’ll blow out the bluetack…or go blue in the face trying.


I’ll give it a try

hey bro all the leaks checked seal up… Now waiting for my brand new aluminium push head to arrive and I’ll give it another go

just to ensure we’re on the right page…you tested with the barrel in the blaster?

Yup I put the barrel in the nozzle & cylinder & blow down the barrel the piston moved all the way…

has to be in the gearbox for this particular test

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It’s in the gearbox when I tested it

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then my next goto would be tappet timing / spring.

which would be a new one for me for a vector but still…relatively common across the board.

How to check the tappet timing? :joy::joy:

Start with making sure the spring is ok.

The timing on a vector is pretty good ootb

You’re still running stock nylon gearing?

Yup stock nylon gears

K…make sure your tappet moves freely and returns swiftly when released

The plate that connects the tappet to the nozzle can be installed back to front too

Checked… All good

hmm…i’m going to have to sleep on it…

out of curiousity, what gels are you using and what is the ID of your barrel?

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7.5mm IDfor the barrel

and your gels?

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7-8mm white gel ball

Hmm… Any Brand?

The reason is that not all gels are created equally and they are all 7-8mm…

But there’s a wide variance in sizing

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