Size of your balls!

Hey everyone. Now I have your attention, how do people size their gels after hydrating? I did a quick search but didnt really come up with the topic, so thought I would start one. What are the different ways people do it?

I am using a digital caliper

We have been covering this just recently… pop

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I stick them up my nose… left nostril will let a 7.5mm gel thru, but it stops a 7.6mm… it gets stuck and I have to block the other nostril and give it a good hoik… to get it out.

The right nostril stops a 7.3mm … same removal process…

So, any that get stuck in my left nostril but can fit up the right one are usable… laughing%20(1)

No, not really… I use a digital vernier too… :grin: :+1: just so you nose…

Since I am OCD…
It’s a digital caliper not digital vernier, a vernier caliper has a vernier scale and that is why it’s called a vernier caliper but a digital caliper does not have a vernier scale :+1:

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There has got to be a better way to do it surely…

Do you mean sorting them in to different sizes ?

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Yeah exactly mate, how to sort out the over and undersize gels

I don’t bother but it would be nice to have a fast and accurate sorter.
Low guido has one he made.


I have a 7.5 ID barrel on mine so I can chuck anything in personally but since I am building the SLR I was wondering about tighter bore barrels, hence the post.

Oh yes, then get yourself a good tight bore barrel and find a gel that is consistent if you can , I will be testing out the yellow armour techs in the next few days .
A few guys are saying they are the most consistent, I tried all the other armour techs but they had poor consistency

Let me know of your results if you could please. What brand tightbore barrel will you run (obviously now on my shopping list :laughing: )…

I will mate.
I am using these now

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@Calcifer so do you use your butt for sizing larger balls like paint-balls, golf balls, soccer balls?


He’s a tight ass remember :rofl::joy:


Oooohhh they’re pretty

The barrels are very high quality and won’t break the bank like the locally made ones.
I also prefer the 7.3mm id over smaller bore barrels because they can cause mag feed issues because the gels need to be so small


Those ones @Rattler was showing look great and at 7.3 mm look like a happy medium for the many inconsistencies of our gel ball size.

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Mate I had a play with the Armour Tech yellows today.
They are definitely the hardest gel I have seen so far ! But that’s where the good news ends unfortunately.
I grew them in demineralized water at room temperature and checked 40 random balls for size.
They ranged from 7.10mm to 7.6mm .
22% were 7.0mm to 7.1mm
28% were 7.2mm to 7.3mm
40% were 7.4mm to 7.6mm
10% were odd shape rejects

I ran 2 mags in my Vector and had 4 jams !
I think because they are so hard the Vector could not cope with the oversize gels.
I haven’t had this before and it works out that with my 7.3mm barrels only 28% of the these gels would be usable and for the price I won’t be ordering any more :slightly_frowning_face:


Well, that sucks. I guess its good to know they are a really hard gel, but since they are a dehydrated item which we then restore then any possibility of size conformity is out the window, doesn’t matter what promises a wholesaler makes, chemistry and physics makes it moot.

I think I will have to build a contraption like @LowGuido made and split any batches into over and under the 7.3 mark. And use it in blaster with 7.3 or 7.5 barrels accordingly.

Thanks for the breakdown mate…

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