SKD baretta m92 drum mag?

I’ve seen many people and videos with people using the skd barreta m92 (the 14v battery one) with a drum mag, but I can’t find any to buy, do people buy the skd glock drum mag and modify it, if so, how, or is it already compatible.

@Sam_D can sort you out for that :+1:

Can you send me a link to these videos is the only video I found
And 2 people had them at donnybrook, I asked them how and they gave me the video. But my guess is a modified skd glock drum mag.

I’m pretty sure the Glock mags don’t fit the Berettas. Glocks have straight mags, Berettas are curved. A review I saw on the M90Two pistols was pretty clear about Glock mags being incompatible. Could be wrong tho, maybe the Glock drum mags are different.

I’m sure someone will help you sort it out. If it’s been done, guarantee someone on here will know about it. :+1:

@Friendly-fire @Brono99 there was someone on here who was going to going to use the beretta mag and the drum mag, make a cut job. Dunno if its him

@PaulyOhh83 how did you go with the drum mag mod

Yeah, I’ve thought of cut and splice glueing for a few cosmetic mods… particularly cheap-ass CQB blasters from old gen M4s… you sacrifice a bit of strength though… with a mag maybe you could strengthen the splice internally… dunno… might try it one day. :thinking: Anyone else done it?

I just picked up an M90Two, checked on what needed to be done to run Glock mags and drum mags.

What I was told was that if you take some of the nylon off the back end of the mag well with a file or dremel you can create enough clearance for a straight mag to fit.

Not sure I’d wanna go down that road… I’d be inclined to mod the mag before I chopped up the blaster. :thinking:

These things sure do run out of rounds fast though… can see why you’re looking at options. Good little bit of kit though.:+1:

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That is my reasoning.
Better to modify the mag.
I’m not sure I’d cut and join either. It wouldn’t be as strong unless of course you sandwich the joint with nylon/metal flat pieces.

What’s really surprising is the tardiness in SKD coming up with accessories. Nothing aftermarket either. It’s as though they’ve just forgotten about it.

Modding the blaster ensures the mag has strength, modding the mag keeps your warrenty, and technically, if you remove any part (wether its the slide assembly or the grip plates or anything at all, even tho the basic stuff the shops wouldnt notice) youve voided warranty. Honestly, if your board fails, itll only cost 20 for a new one, cylinder 15, batterys probably 20, id rather void the warranty, because id want a strong mag , warranty just aint worth it, and its the option you got until they do a proper mag for it. id say 1 in 20 boards fail so its not anything thats reoccurring weekly

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The mag is a rectangular container that sits inside the mag well and I doubt that moving 1" of plastic inwards weakens it or affects its function.
Besides, I’d rather mod a cheap mag than gut a beautiful blaster. But that’s just me.

You can still mod the beautiful blaster and not reck any aspect of it

It’ll take about an hour to combine a 90two mag with an MP7 drum but it is very straightforward.

Try plastic welding it. For poor man’s plastic welding you just need a soldering iron and some zip ties. Use the zip ties just like you would solder and fill the joins :+1:


What a great idea Mr Blek.

Hmmmm Mr Blek… not just a pretty face… even? :money_mouth_face: :grin:

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You’ll need this.

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Occasionally I have a good idea. It can be difficult if you haven’t done it before so Id practice on welding some scrap together first. I found if you get a nice pool going while moving along the join in a circular motion it can help with penetration and fill.