SKD Beretta M92 Holster

I run one of those generic multicam holsters with my Beretta. Have to take the torch attachment off to make it fit though, and the mag barely fits in the front mag pouch.

Looking online, most of the molle mag pouches look about the same size… anyone know if there’s a holster option that’s works with the 14.8v torch attachment fitted to the Beretta?

I thought those are adjustable o.O

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They only have so much adjustment. I used a condor one which is very similar, could fit the torch but because the torch isn’t locked to the front rail it grabs and comes off when you remove the blaster from the holster. Also found the holster hits on the mag release on the beretta. Lost a mag at Donnybrook from that.


Yeah, like Dude says, there’s not enough adjustment for the torch attachment. The front mag pocket isn’t big enough for it either, so it’s holstered without the torch. Guess I’ll have to run a little molle pouch on the rig for it.

I run a little gaffer tape on the mags of these Berettas to stop them falling out if the mag release gets accidentally triggered… and yeah, the holster’s done that to me a few times on draw. Not since the gaffer though. :+1: