SKD Beretta M92 Pistol Vs the SKD glock 18s

Hi this is my first post I’m sorry if i broke Any rules

Which pistol is better

They are both priced pretty similar
They both have a 14.8 volt battery
They both come with a torch
They both have blowback
Personally i think the glock looks better

What do you think is better?

got a link for the 4s g18?

historically the g18 is 2s and the m92 only 4s is you add the torch battery holder

in general the m92 feels better, has a smoother action but lacks some of the accessories the g18 has available to it

i have a “worked” g18 and it is entirely usable in a cqb game

Tactoys sorry i can’t include links

Prefer the look of the Renegade unit.
Perhaps the slide is available separately.