SKD Beretta M9TWO Issue (non-stop auto fire OR not firing enough)

Soooo I bought a SKD Beretta M90TWO from TacToys last year, was going great till my mate was playing with the slide and held it back when he pulled the trigger. I guess something dislocated because it wouldn’t stop loudly auto-firing really fast even without holding the trigger, unless I switched it off.

Anyway, I disassembled it to take a look inside, and I tried following a video tutorial on a possible issue (without tinkering too much - kinda just disassembled and re-assembled it). It half worked in that it stopped rapidly auto-firing nonstop, but then the slide wouldn’t go back fully when firing. If I pull the slide back further manually then it goes back to loudly auto-firing.

Anybody experienced this and/or know the solution?

Looks like your mate owes you an SKD Beretta


Same this is happening to me, did you get up fixing yours?