SKD G18 mag fed glock - metal barrel swapout

anyone done this?

aside from the quality of the item i received being complete garbage i now have zero muzzle velocity and buggered if i can figure out why

on a similar note, what needed to be ground? as i assessed the items they appeared to be an exact size match so direction on that would be awesome also.



I’ve done a blackout kit but didn’t know a metal barrel existed for the G18. Where’d you get the barrel/ kit from?

I chucked a metal barrel hop up kit in mine and it has improved distance a lot. Just today i took out the spring and pulled it apart a bit to make it longer and that also improved it. The spring i am talking about is the back one that goes in the plunger

i got an ebay offering. it was complete garbage.

if you pull the T out of the stock glock you can get the barrel out of that and then build a replacement with two bits of tube from your local hardware store.

That gives me an idea! I have some off cuts of a tight bore, it would be good to have a bit of go to match the show.

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yea…mine turned out quite nice also with the stainless outter and alu inner…now if only i could figure out the air leak / no muzzle pressure problem >/

where did you get the metal barrel hop up kit??

Right hear mate

Genius! I had the hop up barrel just sitting in the tool box cause i buggered the plastic inside. But i have stainless spare barrels sitting there!! Got plans for tomorrow now

Have any of you peeps noticed how the cylinder tip has a cross thingy at the end ?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, But wouldn’t that allow the for the air stream to come out around the ball instead of a more direct shot of Air ?

Took out the nylon hop up and put in a 7.2mm stainless barrel slightly extended to put a decent hop up on. Worked a treat!

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definitely looks a treat

Hows it go cycling gells and have ya crono’d it.
And now the hopup is out of the barel, what fps and distance and accuracy is it achiving ?

Average 120 fps 10cm grouping at 20m range around 30m. Using a panther hop up

and there’s the problem i had when i did it. fps dropped from 170 to 100-120.

do you know what you were pushing before the barrel and hopup?

what are you pushing now without the hopup?

130 without the hop up. Na i didnt

Mine originally pushed 135-145.

Yeah its a bit of a drop when the max fps is already so low. Im just going to leave it for now and wait for a kublai. Have to pull apart other blasters


Never ending maintenance or upgrades?

The silver metal barrel has a built in hop up they say… its actually a fuckin lump of plastic on the inner barrel which shatters your gels…either drill it out…or take the silver part off and break the black printed tube off and put an alloy inner inside it… works a treat.