SKD G18 metal gears

any idea where i can gel metal gears for the g18

Dont think they exist. Little motor wouldnt be strong enough to pull back the spring to warrant having metal gears.

ok cuz i want the rof to increase

3 cell battery will increase rof but the gears wont last long

zhenduo gel blaster store has skd g18 all kinds of gear parts, certainly there is something you want.
check here:

Anyone here want to post some photos of the internals of the skd g18 gearbox ?

Don’t underestimate the gears or motor on the G18.
Gears are tough even though spare sets are available and cheap.
The same gears in the 90TWO run easily with 14.8v and spring upgrade.
Tje motor is probably the best in its class. Have tested 5 other 19x15 dc motors. The one on the G18 is still the best by far.