SKD G18 Trouble shooting

Hi all
First Post.

I’ve been given a G18 that has trouble shooting. Ive done the following.

  • I’ve field stripped the blaster and familiarised myself with the system.

  • Lubricated and reassembled pistol making sure front micro switch tab in place.

  • Checked magazine works and primes correctly.

  • If I muzzle load a gel ball the system works and I get decent power as the pistol is stock.

I can’t figure out why it won’t shoot. it’s feed from the mag into the system as I get 4-8 gels into the blaster.

Maybe it’s the gels. I’m using a pack of black gels that I was given with the blaster. Does the G18 prefer a specific gel? Maybe Milkies.

Any help would be appreciated.

First off make sure you are using the correct size gels mate. The ones that come with them are garbage.


Often the small arms use 6mm gels… so you either have to get 6mm gels or only grow them to 6mm :+1:

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Thanks guys, thought that could be the cause. Will do a test batch of smaller gels see how I go.

Get a digital vernier caliper from spend bay… then you can measure the id of the barrel, and then when growing gels, you know when to get them out of the water and onto a towel

Something like this below looks about right… stainless jaws… digital… from Oz so quick delivery… I dont know the seller but feedback not bad :+1:

The SKD G18 has a 7.5mm barrel so needs larger gels not 6mm.


Get yourself some of these they work very well in the G18 :+1:

All the above but I’m going to ask what seems like a silly question

It does go through the shooty shooty process? Slide comes back etm?

The cylinders have a bad habit of breaking and the piston air seal is the pits on a g18. You need a heavier lube in the cylinder.

Is it the stock barrel and t piece?

i suggest you try using the right size gel balls, and be sure to soak the gel balls in water for 3-4 hours.

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Hi everything is stock, tried some milky gels today. Works fine now.


that’s good to hear! milky gels are tougher

The g18 is 7~8mm…not 6