SKD glock 18 Firing issue

Hi have just installed a blackout kit in my SDK glock 18 and now it’s firing weird sometime fires two or three gels at a time any ideas what could have happened

I thought all the glock and berettas did that to a degree? My beretta does all the time anyway.

Mine don’t

The g18 though is terribly fussy about gel size

It’s it multiple gels on a single shot or multiple shits on a single squeeze?

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Multiple gels 2 or 3 single trigger pull, think I may have lost the little rubber part on the plunger cause I referenced photos and I don’t see the rubber part on my plunger, are there any upgraded plungers you know? since I’ll have to replace it now,

The plunger head is a weird little bucket thing

If you’d lost it you’d have zero.compression

There is a small silicon retainer just inside the feed tube that’s easy to overlook on rebuild. Shouldn’t result in multiple gels being chambered though

Hmm odd

You’re still running 7.4v?

Yh still running 7.4v

This is the part I’m missing

You can buy the nozzle or the whole plunger-piston from a shop or online.
Meanwhile, a bit of heatshrink may work, if you are familiar with it.

When you get the replacement, I suggest you secure it with glue.

Planing on getting a newer plunger to day another question, I think the gears may be misaligned able to fix?

Unlikely unless you opened the gearbox.

Re-installing the slide.
You will need to keep pressing the trigger and stopping the motor with the slide switch or on/off switch until you have the sector gear teeth rotated down and out of the way before you can re-install the slide.

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Cheers mate I’ll give it a go once the new plungers arrive, the gearbox hasn’t been opened but I did hit the trigger with the slide off for about half a second

Ohhh. I wonder if that’s why mine double shoots sometimes :thinking:

Like This Or Nah?

That’s what you want when refitting the slide.

Awesome, thanks for the help mate appreciate it, I’ll post back once the new plungers get here

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Sounds more like a nozzle/feed problem.
Is the nozzle glued on?
A loose nozzle moves and may not retract far enough to let a gel into the t-piece. Meanwhile the mag motor is still pushing and squeezing and the next time the nozzle does retract, more than 1 gel pops through, 1 in the t-piece and another into the start of the barrel.

Nah my nozzle is fine. I checked all that stuff out the other night. Mines done it from when I bought it though I think and it’s only the odd gel here and there so it’s never really bothered me

That is puzzling. Mine has never done that.
Are you getting 150+ fps?

Never had it chronoed tbh. With ultras it reaches 15-20 M well enough without a hop hop. And considering I only use it when I want to be silent at close range or getting around a tight corner when I’m using my long gen 9 it’s all I really needed. Getting 2 shots sometimes didn’t affect me. That being said. Thought it could’ve been my extended mag but the tony mag does it too.

Fair enough.
I like the MAC10 and MK23 combo, at least till I finish my F2000 build. :sunglasses: