SKD Glock 18 problem

Hi all. Very new to gel blasters, brought the skd Glock 18 from Gold Coast tac toys and the gel balls they recommend to use. It shoots fine and then stops despite still having ammo In the clip. I take the clip out and usually a few gel balls fall out from the ■■■ where the clip is? Is there something I am doing wrong, or is there an easy fix I can do? Or should I just take it back and get them to help me? Cheers

This is normal and a common grump

The mag motor at the base of the assembly needs gels to feed in to force up the ones in the tube

The g18 mags are super small

The design is common to almost all gel blaster mags though

Beat practice…
Fill mag
Insert into g18, prime
Refill mag
Start gaming

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So prime the mag and then take it out and top it back up? - would the larger mags you can get be a better alternate to the stock mags ?. I appreciate you input thank you


And I still do it with them also

Hiya and Welcome.

Just out of interest what gels did TT tell you to use?

I have extended mags for my Glocks. Theyre much better.

Also when at the end of mag turn the pistol on its side or upside down and fire, the gels will empty out.

I brought the 7-8mm milky coloured ones they had at the store, haven’t used the blue ones that came with it. Yeh might have to get an extended mag

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