Skd glock auto feed problems

hey guys new to these gel blasters recently bought the glock but after using it for about half an hour it stopped firing just thought i needed to charge the battery but after still wasnt firing but the mag feed is working just nothing happening when i pull the trigger any help would be appreciated cheers

So you press and hold the feed button, hear the mag motor turn over?

My g18s are horribly twitchy about gels needing the larger 7.3/7.4ish gels.

Millie’s don’t feed.

Occasionally they jam up in the feed hopper also which is solved with a quick wrist flick

Have you checked to make sure you don’t have a super large one stuck inside the barrel?

yeah the mag motor is turning over yeah just took the top off all clear its not even clicking back when i pull the trigger like everything dead except the mag motor funny thing is similar thing happen to my mates machine gun on saturday may be a warranty thing not sure

or something where doing being new to these things

ahh…i am in the middle of replacing my fet board - abuse

your test is with the slide off, pull the trigger - does the gearset do its thing.

use the microswitch at the front of the muzzle to stop the motor - assuming it runs at all

cheers for the help guys contacted tactoys sending us out a part sounds like the trigger snapped or failed

never pull the trigger with no slide on…the gears DONT reset to the right place.

You get good at judging that after a few goes

That Microswitch at the muzzle end is useful