SKD M4SS Upgrades help

Looking for general Info on this gel blasters have. would like to know what gen the blaster is and what other gel blasters can shares upgrades with this blaster. i understand springs are all similar thats about all i know.

Yes im keen on this blaster also.
Is it correct that jinming Gen 8 M4 gear boxes are the same ?
And if so wouldent other jinming gen8 m4 parts fit aswell
Iv done searches for upgrade parts but not much comes up, I want to know exactly what upgrade parts are actuly going to work and fit correctly before I go spending a ton of $$$.

Dose anyone know what gearbox the SKD M4 ss uses ???

yea seen that one, He just sais it “looks” like a replica gen 8 witch sounds sketchy, Is it or isent it ?

It most definitely is have done many upgrades to mine

Has anyone upgraded the outer barrel and if so what barrel or adapter fits. Thanks

Curious what upgrades are available also. Very hard to find info on it

I upgraded my m4ss with a gen8 non threaded metal barrel. Unfortunately the only thing holding into blaster is a metal gen 8 spacer ring and some tight barrel spacers. It works ok i guess but it doesnt fit nicely like it would to an JM m4.

If you dont need single and 3 round burst then u can use a standard gen 8 gearbox no issues. This is because there is a cut near the back of the gearbox that triggers the single shot and 3 rnd burst via the blasters mofset.

However there are some sellers that sell actual m4ss gear boxes so you should look out for them

Pretty much everything gen 8 m4 fits but some fit better then others. For example the Noveske fishbones fit but threads are weird way. Most will fit but with some modifications so keep that in mind

Ive pretty much done a full comoarison of the m4 ss skd and jinming gen 8 there are a few differences but nothing major. Both fit in m4 receivers.
Bevel and pinion are different amount of teeth , but works out same ratio. Just dont mix the nylon gears if anything
Gen8 jinming has a spot for a mag prime switch
Skd has a hole underneath the spring guide to see in.
Skd trigger is longer axle and theres holes in the box for it so it wont fit in a jinming without adding holes. Gen 8 work fine in skd box.
Jinmings 1.1mm soring is better than skds 1.2mm

Cant think of much else.

Alot of sellers list the skd box as a gen 8 jinming when its clearly not. Jm are stamped.

Im trying to put an M4SS mosfet into my bing feng p90 v3 was wondering if you could post photos of how the wiring is setup inside the M4SS, as im trying to find out what plugs go to what on the motherboard.

Sorry mate I just have the skd gearboxes , some dont even have a wiring kit with them , so didnt get a mosfet.
I only ended up with them as they were sold as jinming gen 8s.

Im sure someone here can help tho?

Unfortunately unless you modify your p90 gearbox the mofset from an m4ss wont allow single fire if thats what your after as there is a microswitch in the back that detects when the piston moves backwards.its also useless if you want to use 11.1v as they dont last long when using them. The m4ss mofset had alot of wires as it controlled safe/single/three round burst/auto and the mag priming so there are wires for each function so its a bit of a mess.

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Actualy the BF p90 v3 gearbox has the “micro switch” mount built into it just not used as the whole ■■■ is hard wired to the battery(no controller or resistors).
It also has 2 mounts for Miniature Micro Switch’s behind the charging handles, so you could put in a primer function wiring them up as well.
As for them not lasting on a 11.1 if your talking about the mosfet i would understand, but the p90 itself if left stock, i run a 14.6v battery with no issues for over 6 months.

Yes actually your correct it does have the microswitch mount. When i looked at it initally i was thinking it was for a priming switch which doesnt make sense for a p90 as its priming handles are far forward. I have actually installed a priming switch on my p90 and it works quite well. I actually removed the mofset off my m4ss dues to them burning out and both that i have rewired have worked flawlessly so for my mofsets arent high on my priority.