SKD M90 TWO Gel Blaster - Slide Getting Stuck

I ordered the SKD M90two baretta gel blaster about a week back and it has been working fine and I was very happy with it. But then one day the slide started to get stuck, and now it keeps trying to shoot (like in full auto) even though it is in semi. I don’t know why it’s happening and I’d really rather not have to send it back and wait for like 2 weeks to get a replacement.
Video of what’s happening
Video of Slide Getting Stuck Unless It’s Pressed Down


(Non of the gears are stripped and everything looks fine too me)

Look in the slide.
The slide switch plate may have come loose or be broken.

Yeah at first I thought that as well, but it’s fine, and the slide isn’t even going all the way back and is just getting stuck where it starts. But if I hold down the slide from the top it will fully cycle. Is it possible for the slide or the gears to be not touching properly?

The cylinder or piston may be only partly in its slot.

I am just guessing this is your first Gel Blaster… Did you press out the locking pin before removing the barrel? Or, were you able to slide the barrel off without too much effort? If so, then you have lost the press in locking pin that holds is down and locks the slide to the assembly that moves at the rear.
Look for a hole in the side above the trigger…!!!

On further study and many pause frames… :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: I can see it looks like the pin is in, but the back rises up on each rear action.
Have you tried to remove the piston assembly? if so, it requires correct placement into the slide grooves. It may be sitting high on one side!

The rear spring retainer is not seated in place correctly, it is skewed and high, this to can prevent the rear from seating down into the slide run. Try to move it into its correct position.

The area where the battery is stored is also sitting proud of the run, whilst this in itself won’t cause this issue, you may find a rather unpleasant fire at the front if the return spring rubs through the battery.

My mate has the same problem, i will be having a look at his this weekend.
If you find the solution to the problem before then let me know, otherwise once I’ve had a look at his i might be able to send you in the right direction.

It is defiantly a problem with the plunger being engaged by the gears, i just don’t know where the actual fault lies. The most likely cause is the plunger and cylinder not being properly seated into the grooves on the slide housing, causing them to jump the sector gear as it comes around.

Thanks for your help, I read through the possible problems that you mentioned but I can’t see them occurring on my blaster. The plunger system is correctly seated in the slide, and I dismantled and reassembled the plunger into the tracks just to be sure. I also pushed the battery down a bit. But still the blaster won’t fire correctly. The spring retainer isn’t able to be pushed down any lower.

I think I might just have to send it back and see what they say and hopefully get a replacement blaster. Again, thanks for your help, but I suppose that my best decision right now would probably be to send it back as my 30 day warranty hasn’t yet expired.

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can we get a pic of where its getting stuck?

this will help identify which components may be in play at the time.

After reading through this again I’m inclined to think the problem may be electrical.
Well, sort of.
Pressing down on the slide can also move the gearbox and any wires next to and under it.

It isn’t moving back at all and is Just shifting up and down slightly. I show it in the first video link above.

Damn that is odd

If you squeeze the trigger (2s battery only) do the gears rotate happily untill you press the switch at the front?

That definitely looks like a bad mesh or the gearing is skipping the cylinder.

You may have already stated above but if you pull out the cylinder and plunger, does the slide move freely on the lower?

Not sure they’ll come to the party with a warranty claim if they can see the takedown pin’s been out. Can’t hurt to try though, nothing to lose. If not, the Beretta specialists on here will help you sort it.

Welcome to the forum, btw. :+1:

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It is an puzzling one.
I have modified (and tortured) several 90twos and G18s and not come across this problem.

I presume the spring retainer is in the right position?

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That’s what I see in the image, it is skewed and not seated down into its correct place IMHO…