SL8 Cheek riser?

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I’m after a Sl8 cheek riser, if anyone knows where to get one.

Save me the trouble of making one…

I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it! Would prob be easiest printing one. I’ve just put some nylon screws in my stock where the riser attaches.

Could contact Ares or JG to see if it’s available separate?

I’m kinda anti 3d print for external parts… I was thinking of getting some pvc pipe that’s about 2mm or more thick, heating it up with a heat gůn, flatten it out then bending it to the right shape…
Then making a bit of wood to go underneath to the right height and bolting that on… I’d settle for the underneath part to be 3d printed, but not the top.

It’s amazing you can get every other part separately except for that one haha.

Evike probably has them but they are a pain in the ass to deal with and postage starts at $40+ minimum…

thermo plastic sheeting will do the trick and you can use the stock as the folding template.


This will fit im pretty sure,
but for $65 I think I’ll make the top part from pvc or thermo plastic as @zeHamish said, and 3d print the spacers. That way the bit that gets knocked around will be strong.

Edit : this won’t fit, mounting holes are out by 10 mm. Which makes them too close to easily move

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it aint SL8 but I do have a real deal Larue Tactical CTR RISR (Reciprocating) Cheek Riser which may or may not fit. It came with my CTR Stock as a $$$ bundle and I haven’t gotten around to ebaying it as yet. It’s as bombproof as it is beautifully made but maybe limited in use, though I’m sure your wizardry could sort something out.

How much? if you use it, it’s yours, if when in hand it doesn’t suit and you choose not go forth with it, send it back, that easy.

(I couldn’t upload a gif of it reciprocating so check it out with this link as that action alone might rule it out)

dm if interested

Thanks for the offer but I’ll pass for now. The Sl8 stock has 2 dedicated screw holes in the top for mounting the riser, so I’m trying to work with those.

But thanks again, you’re a champ.

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Is this what you’ve got? SL8 stock

This one

Thanks that looks much nicer! Pity it won’t fit on the Wells G36C model without cutting the shell up :unamused:

Fits on this though…

It’s also not 3d printed like the Zhenduo one, and strong enough to bust a door open with it :rofl:


What’s your success rate getting these in?

100% so far… :rofl:

Ordered the upper and lower shipped separately though.

You’ll also need a top rail… Like this:

Or this

And also this:

And this

And this

Oh and two of these…

Hey Marty did you get the connector base too? It holds the inner barrel and the outer barrel threads on to it. Just FYI the OD for the inner barrel is 8.5mm so will need to be opened up a bit :+1:

I’ll add it all to the wishlist for a later time.

Yeah I did get that but it gets in the way of where I want to put my diy barrel, so probably won’t be using it.

When I cut the outer barrel out of aluminium, (3d print was to make sure the measurements were precise)

The blue part locks in at the top, the yellow part is where the screw hole goes for the through bolt, and the green bit slots in just before the magazine internally.

There are also 3 bolts to go through the handguard into the outer barrel when that goes on.

I’ll 3d print or something an inner barrel stabiliser block when I get the gearbox sorted.

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