Slide jam issue and much disappointment

so the p1s (pictured) got a slide upgrade when the slide catch started to wear and then the troubles started…the slide is specifically for the p1s and takes what in A S world is called the featherweight blowback unit.

circled in yellow are areas i’ve sanded down / rounded off to ensure smooth slide operation on the blow back unit

since this image i have also profiled the trigger bar, ground away a little of the hammer housing and given the middle circle on the right more of a ramp. the trigger bar itself was showing signs of wear and the sear pusher was well bent.

today…i’m feeling fairly confident the action is smooth, crisp and consistent, no tight points etm and then jam…lock…grumble fk grumble fk…

the “feel test” is basically dry fire repetitively…cock slide, let it return by itself, fire, repeat…repeat…repeat…and then repeat some more…

today’s festivity and slide lock had the different feel of jamming before the hammer latched back and stopped the slide coming back far enough to perform this action.

it was the brass pin in the bearing hammer wheel that had moved through the hammer assy to foul on the trigger bar side of the housing. yay fun but a gotcha for anyone with one of these CEH hammer wheels.

i have found a small driver and an engineering ruler (really thin and flat) for slipping in under the rear of the BBU in helping to release slide locks and jams.

Is it definitely the blow back unit jamming? I’ve got a metal slide that jams up even without the blow back unit in. Need to file out The channels on it and polish it up so it’s smoother on the lower rails

i started on the premise that it was a slide fit issue which is where i ended up doing the sanding and such on the gbb

it was hours of lapping and fitting fun

send me some pics (for the hell of it) but i found that repetitive slide movements allowed me to identify tight points