SLR Build With Fb3.0 Gearbox

SLR Fb3.0 gear box

Welcome to the community. Very nice piece there, I am building the exact one. How does she run?

Yeah nice one :+1: Do they fit the SLR with no hassles?

Yeah I’d love to know how it’s performing too…

They fit perfectly but the top of the gearbox will foul on the ejection port release, some light file work will clearance it. Apart from that its like they were designed to fit together.

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Did you cut that out yourself?

yes…i cut it myself :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
waste alot time on it

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work prefect…
fps stable on 220 -240 full auto…
25/sec shotting rate
actually i trying go copy SpeedQB style

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Looks different, I like it :+1:t4:

in 20cm barrel fps stable on 220-230
using m85 spring…
20m a4 target
25m 4x a4 target
with warinterest milky 7.2/7.3