SLR CQB Buttstock Demystified

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I have watched a couple of videos where the SLR CQB Buttstock came into question, so I thought I would shed some light. America, the great ol’ US of A. Despite what many around the world may think the US does indeed have “Gat” laws and in some States quite restrictive. Loop holes exist though and they are ruthlessly exploited.
The Buttstock in question is widely known as a Sig Brace or a Pistol Brace and was first developed in 2012 by SB Tactical as an aide for disabled shooters, they simply wrapped the Velcro around their forearm to steady the pistol version of the AR platform. SB Tactical then partnered with Sig Sauer, a huge Gat manufacturer (European born) with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts with American Military & Law Enforcement. The Buttstock then found its moniker, Sig Brace. In America there are very few restrictions on pistols (relatively) which includes the AR pistol platform, the problem though, AR pistols suck. To own a SBR (Short Barrel Rifle), that is, an AR with a barrel less than 16 inches / 40.5 cm you must apply to the ATFE (their regulatory office) and also pay $200 for a Tax Stamp. The Tax Stamp was a way to make it prohibitively expensive to purchase a Tommy Gat and the like back in the 1930’s without making a law (Constitutionally difficult) to prohibit such wares, loop holes are pursued by both civilians as well as the Government. This $200 privilege has not been adjusted for inflation since then to this day and subsequently now is affordable by all and prohibits very little. A $200 Tax Stamp is required for SBR’s, for Suppressors (each one) for Full Auto privilege and more (one Suppressed, Select Fire SBR costs $600 in stamps before a single component is ordered) Back to it. So if you take a freely available AR pistol and legally install a Sig Brace which in design & function is oh so similar to a Buttstock then you have a loosely legal version of a SBR. The ATFE ruling was that the Brace was not to ever touch the shoulder while firing as that would then reclassify the platform from Pistol to SBR. This was challenged by manufactures, end users as well as the all powerful NRA (National Rifle Association, one of, if not the most powerful Government lobby group in the world). The ATFE ruling was overturned and as of 2019 you may convert an AR Pistol (or AK or anything else) by using a Pistol Brace (there are now as many versions as manufactures) to create a SBR AND shoulder the creation, just don’t flaunt it. Yes the peak governing body really does suggest that it is legal, but don’t go shoving it in our faces OR, well, with such wishy washy final rulings and laws who knows how you would fare.
To really understand the whole system in America then look no further than all this, with particular focus on that a company (Sig Sauer) with HUGE Government contracts, both present and hopefully future, would pursue such a device that ultimately backed the ATFE and by extension the Government into a corner and opened up whole new area and era of SBR availability and ownership by exploiting loop holes and exercising freedoms. Balls, big balls.
So, how does this translate to us and our Gel Ball Flinging Machines, well, it doesn’t really, unless you are disabled and can utilise the original intended idea of strapping and bracing to the forearm. Why then should it exist on Blasters? Basically, either a lack of knowledge on the behalf of the manufactures, what they see is what they COPY and produce or perhaps they thought, That looks cool, unique, different, that might entice, shift, sell, who knows. If you own a SLR CQB then you own a little piece of history. I do not currently own one, something I may have to rectify.



Fascinating stuff!

But saying something shouldn’t exist on blasters because it doesn’t do anything apart from look cool ? That made me laugh. It’s 95% of what’s on a blaster :joy:


Noted, I’m in some weird transitioning phase, coming from pure function to more form based thinking. I need some time to readjust my preferences and their accompanying reasons.

Cool, for cools sake, I’m all for it, I used to wear Reeboks at school, I know cool.

I am glad you found it fascinating, as it is, it even goes far deeper than that which I have briefly outlined.

“Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading”


I’ve always wonder how the ar pistol came about lol, good info!
AR pistol is one of the biggest bs in ■■■ law history imo. The way I see it, it’s a carbine, and something for ppl make vid to troll police with :joy:

Then theres the California gat laws :rofl:

A truly beautiful state marred by influence. meddling and screen stars who profit from holding weaponry yet despise and appose.

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