SLR CQB tapper plate spring

What happen if i shorten the tapper plate spring?
Shorten spring mean stiffer and faster?
Is it good or bad idea?

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a stiffer / quicker return spring is a good thing

modifying a spring to do it may lead to excess wear and tear on the spring and premature failure.

net outcome, your pew pew becomes a drip drip and you get the walk of shame to spawn to collect your backup…or the backup’s backup…

i’ve done this a bunch of times and its really contingent on the spring quality.

a similar but alternate method to check nozzle seal

  1. have tappet, cylinder, head, nozzle etm in box as normal - half shell
  2. tape off gel feed hole (or bluetack)
  3. marry t piece to box - you should see the tappet move back ever so slightly
  4. blow down the barrel
  • if you encounter resistance you have a good nozzle seal
  • if your tappet moves back more than a mm or two you are probably going to suffer from nozzle bounce - more problematic with rubber tips
  • you will hear any leak if you have one

Thanks mate,will try that method later,.never test or firing my blaster after the spring is shortened…
Sorry for late respon too,our city is struggle with flood,plus pandemic…:pray:

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Thanks mate,i will check it later,follow the instruction by you,.Really appreciate your respon to my issue…