Slr cqb with shs upgrades

Hey guys I’m just building a few SLR CQB’s with SHS metal gears, SHS plunger, CNC cylinder head & nozzle and so on…

5 with blue metal mag catch, trigger and fire selector.

5 with black metal mag catch, trigger and fire selector.

They will shoot 300 FPS+

Please note that I’m still waiting on parts to arrive so photos aren’t final at all.

Sooo the difference between the two is the trigger, mag release and fire selector right?

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Pretty much the metal misc parts you can get in various colours to my understanding

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So I’ve taken out all the nylon gearbox internals and replaced it with better quality gear (SHS 16:1 gears, cnc alloy nozzle, SHS plunger with CNC head and double seal) plus I’m making the exterior took nice :ok_hand:

I’ll post photos of everything soon as I want people to see a final result not a broken up one…

The mag release will work from both sides too

The muzzle is SLR (rainbow for blue) and black SLR muzzle for black

A better battery too
The price may drop a bit as I put up there as a reference too so I don’t screw myself or you guys.

As I’m building there might be more I add but this is it right now…

What’s the RPS on this setup? Interested as I need to get my son a backup blaster for his speedball league. Need a higher RPS blaster and the FPS has to be under 300 for his league. So if I grab one I’ll just throw a smaller spring in.

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I can put a M90 in there?

Mate Let me setup the crono and see. I’m just installing an upgraded mosfet on this vector and then I should be free okay :ok_hand:

All good mate. Whenever you’ve got a chance. Appreciate it :+1::+1:

I’m keen on one of these. Let us know once you have the photos up and I’ll grab one from you


AUSGEL 1.18’s :grin::+1::white_check_mark:

Keen to see the finished result. Just wondering if you’ll still be selling the stock SLR? Got one in mind for a project.

You’re sounding like a bit of a blind Ausgel 1.18 fanboy Dr Bob. :rofl:.
But I do agree with you 100%. Simple reliable performance, good price and one less decision to have to make.

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Yeh mate I can but I just haven’t been happy with the stock ones I’ve sold. I always seem to have an issue with them hence why I am going to upgrade them all.

Just let me know when your keen and I’ll send you a link for it okay :+1:

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Yes, was a very happy Ausgel customer :grin::+1::joy:

Hey mate. Just wondering if you have had a chance to get that RPS reading on these yet? Also, can you do this setup in the tan colour SLR?
Thanks :+1::+1:

oh mate i have no TAN colours sorry…

i only have the black now

yeh i’ll need to get that reading for you, sorry i forgot…

No worries about the tan. I just asked my son and he said he prefers the black anyway so guess it’s worked out for the best. I just liked the look of the tan. Hit me with that RPS and if you’ve got some photos of the blue shoot me them and I’ll get an order through. Cheers :+1::+1:

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im going to try and start building all my blue SLR’s tomorrow so when the muzzles arrive they are ready to install and sell

im still waiting on the muzzles to arrive

Hey mate. Just wondering how these are coming along as I’m going to be down the coast from Thursday this week for a weeks holidays and will be able to pick one up from you if they are ready. I’ll probably grab a few other things from the shop while I’m there too. Don’t mean to rush you or anything, just need to sort this 2nd blaster out for my son. Cheers man.

hey mate im still waiting for them to come here!

im going to ask my mate whats going on as ive ordered a few of their new muzzles.

sorry for the hold up mate

All good mate. Was just hoping I could kill 2 birds while I was down the coast this week if they were ready by then. Keep me in the loop when you make some progress :+1::+1:

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