Slr cqb with shs upgrades

That looks really nice :+1:
Muzzle device looks mint

I was chatting with one of the guys at my local and he was working on someone’s SLR, he was saying that the trigger block in SLR’s is slightly different in other standard V2’s and some V2 ones wont even fit without modification.
The first blaster that I built was an SLR (receiver/handguard/gearbox etc) from parts, I had changed most of the internals apart from the trigger cause I never had issues with it only the cut-off lever not engaging sometimes but it was intermittent at best, I still use that gearbox in a HK shell I traded with no issues.

what’s happening with the trigger’s that they’re not working? are they not engaging the trolley, is the trolley not engaging the contacts? I think the trolley in SLR’s has a different lip on them that the trigger engages so if the lip on the trigger isn’t long enough it might not be engaging properly, I had that issue with another gearbox that I was working on, not an SLR.

got nothing on the selector thou…

Hey julian that moe grip did it need any shaving down to fit properly…i got one and im tryin to decide whether it will fit my cyma box and reciever nicely or will it be a bitch…
Hope it easier than past experiences, grip can be alota fuckin around!! Well m8 If u dont no?
Hopefully sum1 on this thread will gimme an idea??

Hey man. I had to come home earlier than expected today but I’ll be down there again tomorrow. Can you shoot me a PM and I’ll give you my mobile number and we can work out a game plan from here.

Mate this is my number and it’s also listed on my website


Any idea if the 3D print hop up you sell fits inside this flash hider?

Yeh mate it should, I’ll check tomorrow for us. Just remind me if I forget mate

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Hey m8 that Moe grip on the slr did it need any shaving down to fit properly…i got one and im tryin to find out whether it will fit my cyma v2 box and reciever nicely or will it be a fuck around??…
Hope it easier than past experiences
I dont wanna start a teardown to find out if the grip needs modding to fit if sum1 else already knows so i just no what i have to do so i can make a plan and go from there sorry to ask noobs question i havent done a cyma before im changing the box nylon box to metal box anyway just wanna no what im in for, i no about the odd gearbox ratio thats easy enough but grips shit me more than gears…
Sorry to be lazy m8 i see u using the grip so i just thought id ask if u hav done any cymas with those pistol grips and if no did u have any mods to fit the slrs?? Hey sorry for the novel bud but i hope u can help me…
Cheers bro Dazza

I didn’t need to modify at all mate.

Also I am sell those gearboxes at $56

As I’m moving to high quality parts and they don’t fit my needs so spread the word mate :wink::point_right:

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Thanks for that mate!!
No worries will do… So what are u moving to… U thinkin Ldtx price range or more Retro arms end of the park?

Well I just bought a heap of MK gear and I’m going to try and get some more retro gear too soon

Retro gear like accessories (fire selector, mag releases and so on)

Maybe the split gearbox


I’m looking at making my own muzzles too soon, was looking at a CNC machine and a lathe…

About to buy some really good ICS gear too…