Slr full custom build

Started my first build from ground up, had a fighting bro 3S gearbox spare and some other parts lying around so thought I would build a nice small light CQB Blaster.
Brought a SLR reciever from GBU when on 20% discount and have started the build.
Fitted gearbox dropped straight in no mods needed, fitted old MPX motor , replaced bearings with APS slim bushes along with 13:1 SHS gears . Gears were tight in the gearbox so machined the bushes down to correct sizes so no shims needed, new lonex switch , alloy cut off arm new cylinder head and oring , waiting for double oring piston head then will fit that , lastly 1.3 spring to start with.
Now down to the outer parts, custom barrel stabilizer and adapter nut, matt black carbon fibre outer barrel, red carbon fibre amplifier and lastly matt black carbon fibre butt stock just have to make butt plate and it will be all finished.


Looks very cool man. Where did you get the carbon fibre parts from?

I make all of them. The amplifiers, outer barrels and butt stocks. Working on hand guards.

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Are these yours ?

Yes they are mine so is the barrel stabilizer/ nut


With carbon fibre sniper outer barrel on

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