SLR gel blaster fps

Sir @Hiroshima_screamer how do i increase my SLR fps with 1.2 fighting bro spring, 100% non-ported cylinder and 16:1 gear ratio. Any solution to this? Btw My inner barrel length is 18cm. Im looking for somewhere around 280-295fps. If there’s a tip please do let me know sir. Tq soooo muchh.

I can help answer a few questions, I’m no screamer but I will try…

  1. good air seal, o ring… piston head…cylinder head
  2. quality spring…I personally don’t think a 1.2 will produce 280fps…
    I use cut down M100 M110 and M120, getting good results from 250-350fps depending on barrel and gels.
  3. Barrel diameter and type of gels used. this is the big one,in testing we are getting over 100fps difference just by swapping barrels and gels.
    I use LDT 3.0 gels for my bruisemaster, they work really well
    I use AKA, armourtech and AT ultra with a standard 7.5mm FB.
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Btw sir. Any tips on air seal. I just cant think where else should be sealed. Could u share some of ur air tight n air sealed tips. Im still trying to figure out how this sealed works n how long its gonna last. Too much question in my head now. :sweat_smile:

Absolutely can get over 300fps with a 1.2mm spring. I consistently get 340fps out of a 1.18mm Ausgel spring and I don’t BS :+1:


Its amasing how the odd sized and unecens work, i was gettin close to 350 with a 1.25 uneven and plastic barrel

my apologies, I didnt mean to imply you were lying, I just cant get good results from 1,2 spring and neither can my friend. we must be fucking it up somewhere

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Show me the way sir. :sweat_smile: im really lookin forward to ur guide. Tq soo muchh. :star_struck:

The boys all over it! :+1:t4:

But still need ur guide sir. I must learn at least 2-3 things from u guys in here especially u sir @Hiroshima_screamer. Ur youtube channel inspired me sooo much in this sport.

Ok so a few things.

  1. Do not use 100% cylinder, it will ruin your accuracy and fps with a 180mm barrel.
  2. Buy a good quality 75, 80% S/S cylinder
  3. Buy a good quality metal o ring cylinder head with alloy o ring nozzle to suit SLR
  4. Buy a 14t SHS blue piston
  5. Buy the lightest piston head you can and fit a good quality o ring
  6. Dump the FB spring and get a double unequal spring such as the Ausgel one.
  7. Buy a CHGBB 7.3mm inner barrel and glue it into the t piece for a perfect seal
  8. Use o rings or tape to stabilize your inner barrel
  9. Be very meticulous to ensure perfect alignments
  10. Read as much as possible on gearbox shimming and setup


This is the spring I use and it can achieve 340fps plus, my problem is that I don’t want my blasters over 300fps and I find it difficult to find an unequal spring to get the fps down to that ! If I use linear springs in the same size the fps drops dramatically :frowning:


Tq sooo muchh sir. Will add everything to my to-do list. Tq sooo muchh. Appreciate it soo muchh. :star_struck: