Slr is it the same as a M4

im new to gel blasting… are the slr apart of the m4 range? and would a gen9 box fit in a slr receiver?

Different manufacturer, it is one of the AR platform along with Jingmin M4A1,
from memory they use what is called V2 gearbox?
which is what gen9 box was based upon.

I don’t think there is much difference in between the two in terms of performance (but i could be wrong)
and i don’t think they can be swapped around, at least Monkee Mods page claims that they are not interchangeable. but i am sure guys on the forum have ways to make it fit O_O

are you trying to get a SLR looking shell for your M4A1 or something?
there might be ones made specifically for gen9 box

I have both, but I haven’t pulled my gearboxes out yet. I could and takes photos of you would like?

i am rather new too so i won’t be able to help you in that regards,
like to me visually i cannot tell the difference between gen9 and v2 box :sweat:

but i had a quick search in the forum, it seems some people like Rattler have SLR receiver on their gen8/9 m4, so i guess it can fit

No I don’t , I have no gen9 box in an SLR

j9/j10 gearboxes are for jinming m4a1 and acr. they have a curve on backstrap and dont really fit in an slr receiver as its more v2 like wells. Gonna do slr get an slr gearbox or a cnc v2 one.
Also notva big deal but grip screw holes are slightly different as well

arh, coz i remember you talking about you having SLR receiver,
i assumed you meant with a gen8/9 box
my bad

so not all ar platform parts are cross compatible O_O?

i know hand guard / fishbones you can get adulator to suit,
but stuff like handle and buttstock/gas tubes i always thought they just go straight on no matter which model of blaster it was O_o

thanks guys… i only asked because i just watch the teardown clip from Rowan Ralph… and it look identical as a gen9 tear down …

That’s because JM based their Gen9 of the v2 but stupidity decided to make most things slightly different so comparability sux

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so if i were to buy exterior parts for a JM m4, i will have to look specifically for for gen8/9 parts?
coz i notice on aliexpress there is lot of listing for “V2” model, but not so much mentioned about gen8/9

A lot of the internal parts are v2 compatible but not everything, the piston for example is slightly smaller dia. so you need to make sure the piston slides freely if you buy a v2,.
Things like receivers and gearbox cases need modifying to fit each other

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what about like grips and butt stock and all that exterior stuff O_O?

Grip is a pita, the gen9 has a smaller bolt pattern


Stocks a generally ok

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And then you throw magazines into the mix.

Research thoroughly what you buy.

Gen 8, Gen 9 and Well AR style mags are all different and not compatible with each other. Gen 9’s work nice in a J10 ACR better than the stock ACR mag. Gen 9’s don’t usually fit in a Gen 8 but then it depends on the manufacturer of the mag. And the blaster. That is all I’ve experienced thus far.


i brought a m4 style short mag for my ACR,
hope they work ok :sweat_smile:

Hope so, Warinterest mags won’t fit the ACR

got it from changhai, says it fits gen 8/9/10

You’ll be fine. The J9/10 magwell has a narrower channel at the back, which is why standard Gen 8 mags won’t fit. Those short mags are designed to fit the J9/10, which means they’ll also happily fit in Gen 8’s, 416’s, etc.

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