Slr mag prime and perun mosfet

Hi all
Goin for my first mosfet install on a slr and got eyes on the perun. Wondering if the slr mag prime will still work if I solder the wires accordingly to the mosfet?

Hey bud, I know if you want to run the prime function with a Perun you need a one way diode on the positive wire to the magazine.
Hope that helps


thanks mate, sounds like im ditching the mag prime switch then haha

I ditched it purely because working on the box with it installed requires more thumbs and tolerance for fkry than I have.

I don’t miss it

A not on the perun: DO NOT TOUCH the sensors. They are super sensitive to grease and such and will annoy the fk out of you if the are dirty

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As far as fitment of the perun. Is it just a straight drop in or do I need to file some parts of the gearbox?

I’ve done two and not needed to make any changes to either box

MK tac, first box design
JJ SLR native nylon