Slr mkv2 gearbox t-piece headaches

Hey guys, my slr mk tactical v2 gearbox build is close to being done :man_shrugging: just bloody t-piece choice and fittment, really need a red alloy outdoor v2 t-piece but everywhere is out of stock, so I’m down to two that seem good, one more so than the other(the black one), hsg v2 uni and the hsg wells.

But now i need a multi fit barrel adaptor, another part of order :roll_eyes:
I swear this is my last gearbox conversion build, any blaster i purchase has to come already fitted with a metal gearbox :slightly_smiling_face:lol.

Rebuilt my box after a test failure, now with shs cnc metal gears(the good ones) retroarms hardened bushes and new v2 cylinder head :love_you_gesture:


… kinda looks like your gearbox isnt hitting the mag gel release too

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Only just catches it but i have removed all the little gel ball retaining latches from all of my mags anways :+1: most blasters don’t depress them enough anways, heaps of guys file them down. Well atleast the mag terminals contact, only just :grimacing:


Hsg uni don’t fit in the slr barrel adapter im guessing?

I do the same thing with my mags


You guessed it :+1: easier to buy one than spend time to modify the stock one

Removing the mag gel retainer frees up a readymade opening for a UV LED.

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I run a warinterest t piece not perfect but works fine

Nowhere near close to lining up with an srl/ldt pmag

I run that in a slr with v2 mk with 3 slr mags doesn’t miss a beat

Is yours the mk hybrid 92 box? And is yours the std slr or a cqb?

No v2 box and cqb

Mine is the std but i assume they are rhe same, apparently there’s a v1 and v2 versions of the receiver :man_shrugging: i can show you a photos tonight of it with an ldt t-piece sitting in there, massive gap.

Just came back from MK, he’s made some small improvements to the v2 box.
He’s made these little spacers to use a warinterest t piece, they have little locking tabs to hold everything in place.
He should have a spring retainer ready soon as well…


I’m working on a 3d printed t piece like warinterest on that fits into the gearbox and lines up better with slr mags as well let you know when done don’t have much time

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That would be a good selling item :+1:I’d take two :slightly_smiling_face: I was originally going to go the warinterest t-piece but figured it needed some sort of spacing, easy if only i had lathe :roll_eyes: here’s a pic of the gap.

Nice to see them continually making Improvements, those spacers I’m not sure they would be thick enough for my setup in the slr :man_shrugging: i have a bit more of a gap going on, finally a Spring Guide :pray: I ended up modifying an ldt 3.0

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Yeah they look too small for your setup.
He did mention looking at making spacers most common blasters so they can run a war interest t piece.
Problem is to many manufacturers doing there own designs instead of just one standard.

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Here’s how my one looks

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How the hell, what! :man_facepalming: i don’t get what’s different in mine, gotta be the mk box or my slr receiver, something had to of been changed, my tappet/nozzle is still getting over 8mm travel. No wonder everyones been saying ldt t-piece.