SLR problems with shoooting

why my slr only can shoot about 10 to 15 gel ball
after that the gel ball get stuck on the t-hop.
after a fresh reload the blaster can shoot again

Hi Daus, What is the ID of your barrel and what size (and quality) gels are you using?

If you are using the cr@ppy gels that come with our toy blasters (in the little condom wrappers) … this could be the issue… these gels are generally :poop:

Measure your barrel inner diameter and get either war interest heavy milkies if over 7.4mm id and gold pack milkies if smaller barrel id than about 7.3mm:cowboy_hat_face:

Other than that… check your magazine contacts are good and the mag is staying in place… a magazine falling away from the contacts can stop the mag feeding.

When the blaster stops after the 10 gels are fired/watered… keep the trigger pulled and turn the blaster upside down and see if it starts feeding again… if it starts feeding once upside down, this will tell you if it is something to do with the mag/motor pop

im using warinterest milkies bro
Im already try upside down while pull the trigger suprisingly it start shooting
do you think its more of a mag problem or motor problem?

90% the cause of these problems is the gel( size, hardness, slickness) try a fresh,fully growed out of water gels, shake of water, now i bet there is a smile on ur face?if not,dont worry, im kinda experted in these and there are lot of things to diagnosis and treatment ur slr. ok, try remove t-piece o-ring, check barrel ali with t-piece,fasten t-piece screws. if it fix, nice, if not, plz go buy a RP7 spray bottle then spray up down into your barrel, let it sit for 10s, dry fires for 10 or 15s, try again with gel (never using gel that had been drop lower than 75% quality). if it fix, i really glad for u, cause if it is not, hell await u on ur road to fix the SLR

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