SLR receiver thoughts?

Has anyone used this receiver?

Wondering what your opinion is of it in comparison to the standard JM Gen9 receiver?
Is it stronger or weaker nylon (thickness etc)
Do gen9 mags fit?
Any other points of view…

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I really like the look of the SLR receivers, would it be a straight swap for the M4 J9 parts or would you need some sort of adaptors?

I got that receiver on my M4. Looks and feels great. They also sell a rubberized one.

I use LDT mags in mine. I think they say Gen 8 but I pay no attention to Gen with magazines, they are pretty close I thought.

@Simon_A That’s what I’d like to find out (before I order it hopefully!) will this be a straight swap for a gen9.
It looks like the barrel thread and stock connection are probably OK. And I’m guessing the motor positioning in the grip is ok…

@Rokz are gen 8 and 9 mags compatible with each other? If the hole where the release clips in needs adjusting, I’ve got no problem with that. That’s easy peasy. The only thing I have that’s gen8 is a tar21 and a p90, so that’s not going to tell me much by looking at it… haha

I’ve got a bunch of half length mags I want to use with this… They appear to be “gen9” as they fit ok in the gen9 m4

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I’ve been told gen 9 fit which I have brought, they fit in the receiver but I haven’t lined it up with the slr t piece etc yet as it’s in pieces

Low Guido did a Gen 8 to Gen 9 drum conversion video, the ridge on the very back of the gen 8 magazines are wider than the gen 9’s so I think the common conversion is to file the receiver of the gen 9 wider at that back part to accept gen 8’s. Would be worth having a quick look at his video’s but I remember they are not directly compatible.

I own an M4 with SLR reciever, the LDT HK416 and use the mags in both interchangeably. The mags are advertised as gen 8.

So I have zero issue using gen 8 in SLR. I’m not even sure what mag is recommended in SLR I just used what I had and didn’t think about it at the time.

Can’t speak for Gen 9 as I don’t think I own any. I’ve never look at the Gen when buying.

Also, easy solution. Buy LDT Warinterest mags and you will be fine.

So I tested my slr receiver with gen 9 mags and everything seems to line up just fine.

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I also have that receiver and use gen9 mags , it is excellent quality and great finish.
I don’t like the rubberized model because everything I have bought with the rubberized coating lasts only a few years before it breaks down and becomes sticky.

Have the slr and would be my favourite as reasonable price and great quality.

I run mainly gen 8 pmag style, but have tried LDT and gen 9. Also runs the twin drum well.

@Simon_A j9/10 box would probably only fit if you did some macguyvering on both box and receiver.

I currently run the stock jingji slr box (it’s ok) I’ve also tried the warinterest in it and it works but a bit tight. Will be trying a kublai box shortly

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I just tried to put a JM gen9/10 nylon gearbox in the slr and it’s not going in without a hammer.
so what does actually fit?

It’s V2 compliant.

My Ra split is in one.

Mk tactical fit as well

also the war interest and of course the jingji SLR GB aka the jg SLR lol

My fighting bros V2 fitted perfectly.