SLR Stock build - dang motor height!

Hi guys,

Building my first SLR (stock gearbox kit and receivers) but am finding it nearly impossible to set the motor height right with the stock… well… everything. If I take the cap off the pistol grip and push with my hand, I seem to be able to get it in far enough to engage the pinion - unsure if its flex (possible) or I need a better motor height plate etc… but open to suggestions, as Im kinda lost ATM.


It’s a half box adventure

Attach the grip to the right hand side of the box
Fit your bevel gear, it doesn’t need to be shimmed
Install the motor
adjust the motor height to the bevel

Now you can shim the gears starting with the bevel to get it’s mesh to the pinion correct


Great suggestion! Cheers.

Amazed that its such an issue, all being SLR etc…

Nah, mit an issue at all

But if you don’t know it’s like frikkin magic

When I got my first SLR I had to ask the community and the shop

Crickets for many weeks…

Sorry - to clarify, use the left side of the gearbox shell (with all the parts connected etc) to bolt the pistol grip to and mount the motor to check the length/heights, yeah? The right side just seems to hold the mag prime switch and some cabling for the most part…

Zehamish is correct beardy you need to attach the grip to the right or top side of the box to start off. Check out some bevel to pinion shimming Vids on youtube and you can see why you do it that way :+1:

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You want the bevel itself facing up to see what is going on

If it faces down the gear will have more movement, it’ll be harder to see and overall…a sub optimal results is guaranteed

Do not think of sides as front and back but the halves of your box

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Cheers lads. Appreciate it.

I assume this is what Im going for :


Low guido does some fantastic instructionals

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Thanks guys worked a treat - although Im going to throw the stock motor height cap thingy in the bin - such junk.

remember to place a tiny sliver color disc cover ur motor’s butt hole before close in eveything?

I used a hard rubber washer from bunnings to stop the stator rubbing. Works a treat

isnt that where it get to the highest temp when working, rubber washer still good?

Okay I F’ed up, this is what I did in the end, I got the baseplate and put a M-lok nut in the recess of the baseplate as the chamfering of the nut is a nice place for the stator to move freely.

Baseplate Inner

M-lok nut showing the chamfer.

Pops beautifully in the recess in the baseplate giving a deep channel for possible stator movement under load.

Bottom of the motor sits on the nut allowing free space for any possible movement.

Hope that better explains it, I forgot I changed it because I wasnt happy with it in the end.

I have been glueing the plate to the bottom of the motor.

Works a treat. Just a couple dabs of CA

EDIT: gah friggity ***** damn google keyboard strikes again…

Is that super flying ? :rofl:

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