SLR T piece rubber o ring

Hello again.

Working on my SLR I’ve previously fixed the feeding issue, however, the next problem is the air seal. The gels are still going 10 or so meters but this time it is feeding properly. I am using the stock jingji SLR cylinder head and piston. The air pressure when I test it is okay but will be upgraded later. The thing I want to know about the SLR t piece is where this rubber o ring goes as I think it has something to do with my air seal from the nozzle to barrel.

What other factors could influence this 10 meters shooting that I have not mentioned.

There is an image to show if the o ring is supposed to be where it is.


Maybe using some silastic to glue the T piece halves together would help?

If air is leaking out of the joins, fps would be down

Hey mate I think maybe it goes where it meets the Mag the war interest tpiece has one not sure exactly what for but it does stop gels falling out

thanks for the reply.

yeh i put it there on one of my slr t pieces but when i got a new one, it was the same obviously but i had a closer look and was wondering if the small O ring goes in the T piece where there is a cut out for it.