Sneak peek of the alpha H92 Modular

As promised you’re getting to see it as it happens ladies and gents. I’m biased but I think what the brain trust has come up with here is sleek and yet confidently solid.

These alpha units (pre-anodized gives it away) were machined for the development team for testing. Because we design & manufacture in Brisbane it all happens pretty quickly.

Apologies for not having pixel-perfect shots… these were literally being bagged and grabbed for test builds. Happy to say we’re still on track to have these available for purchase before the month is out.


Motor mount adaptor!
And a p90 style!


Well done Max. This just looks beast, keen to see these hit the shelf!


Pretty sure they do but just want to confirm they will fit in a j9. If so you can consider one ordered :joy:

Very nice & Australian made is even better :slight_smile:

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Yep. The H92 will fit in a J9

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If you release a CNC P90 gearbox you will make a lot of money very quickly…just saying.


@MKTacticalHobbies just seeing if you are still on track to have these available for purchase for the end of this month?

Nice work on these MK. Good to see companies working to provide solutions for Australians.

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