Sniper rifle comparisons

What is the best sniper rifle and why .Comparisons are good if you have put them side be side to another rifle .Are they and more accurate than a standard assault type rifle? Thanks in advanced

Don’t personally own one, but most of the sniper gel blasters I’ve seen reviewed have been pretty average. Underpowered and not accurate. Small cylinder, long barrel… you get the idea. Nothing like a.i.r.soft. I think you’re far you’re more likely to get better performance and accuracy from an upgraded assault style blaster, IMO. Happy to be corrected, tho. I’d have a sniper blaster if they performed…

But if you like the look of them and enjoy yanking on that breech bolt, for plinking targets in your backyard I guess they’d be cool things. :+1:

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If you want to talk about best in terms of build quality and accurate details, The JY AWM is definitely up there. The Hanke Kar98k is also pretty cool but both blasters comes with their own issues.
The JY AWM has an issue with the mag and feeding tube. Having to use 6mm gels is also a pain and upgrading the barrel so it can take 7.5mm gels is costly.
The hanke kar98k is a shell ejected type rifle and sometimes the shells would get stuck.
I have the JY AWM and the many issues with the blaster, it ended up being an expensive wall decoration.
I’m guessing if you want reliability there’s always the GJ M24 with upgraded springs and metal bolt.


I like my jy awm. Works well but the 7.0mm inner barrel has issues with the newer gels. I use gold pack milkies and slightly under grow them.
This is with the bigger spring that comes in the box.

Just ignore the miss reads. Lol

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Thats actually really good for Spring powered o.O
So they come with a bigger spring in the box? Interesting…

Hows the range?

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how is the accuracy with those numbers

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I was very tempted to get one, but after seeing trajectory and misfires (he says 1 in 5 shots actually worked, the rest had feeding issues) like Galapagos got I am not going to bother:
AWM review

I wanted something that shoots ok out of the box, and it looks like the best value for money is the XYL ARP9. Hopefully someone gets them in Australia soon. Not a sniper rifle, but at least it shoots straight.

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The actions and dampening may differ a little but the rest is very much cosmetic.
With gels, it inevitably comes back to the barrel-gel-hop up combo.
Unlike the real thing where projectile shape and weight, powder, seating, rifling, barrel, weight, cooling and floating, etc all play a part.

WI milkies in 7.0 x 45 barrel

I’ll be going with the zh Barrett when I want a sniper rifle, it has a gen 8 style gearbox that’s easily upgraded.

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The range is quite good. 25+ meters.

The accuracy is good. The main issue is from the 7.0 barrel and bigger gels going in Random directions. If the gels are around the 7.0 mark then the accuracy is really good.


I personally haven’t had any of those issues that Galapagos jay had. With a smooth bolt action and the right gels mine shoots every time.

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Thanks guys I think I will go for the m24 as I can see lots of parts and found one for a good price .At the end of the day this riffle is just for around the back yard and you don’t expect good accuracy with gels .Thanks for the info .

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