Sniper rifle equivalent?

Does anyone have any ideas on the best blaster sniper rifle out there?

Best accuracy and highest FPS? Out of box and best choice for easy modding?

Even custom made ones for sale if anyone has any links?

Appreciate the advice!

Sadly none of the bolt actions ootb or tweaked up come close to a decent gen8/9

Those of us with nice bolt actions would rarely take them to a field


The barret would likely be your best for game use. From memory it runs a gen 8 gearbox. Bolt actions as said aren’t the best for games. But fun for tinking stuff around the home.

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Just get an m4ss, they’re as long as a sniper, run pretty much a gen8 box and have single shot, burst fire and full auto. Also quite accurate out of the box


Are you referiring to the SKD M4SS? Doesn’t that model have faulty wiring issues?

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I am. The stock mosfet doesn’t like upgrades, but there’s a tutorial on here how to run an easyfet with it to prevent that issue

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Good for what ails ya


I forgot to add that it’s not going to be for games but more of a backyard target blaster so ROF isn’t that important.

That said bolt action would be ok for me but need advice on which is the best in terms of accuracy and distance as there are so many different opinion / reviews out there…

The AWM v2 is $300 but for that price point is it the best for range and accuracy? It’s hard to tell from online reviews and would like some feedback from people that have one or even used it if possible …

My m24 is well over that

and then many times over again in terms of hours of work

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I do like the look of the m24, can I ask what mods you have done and what FPS / accuracy you are getting?

7.3ID SS inner barrel
Metal outer kit
V1 metal bolt kit
Full metal trigger assy
Back fill and packed receiver with metal putty
Rizer hopup
M130 element AEG spring

Reinforced external of gearbox

Point to note is mine was second hand and already a bit brutalized before I got it

Range and accuracy are unknown ATM… reliability is a pita

I can guarantee my JJ SLR will perform better

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Well that’s impressive! lots of mods there unfortunately I’m a total noob when it comes to mods :frowning: Thanks for all the answers too…

What would you say is the main mod that made the most difference to the m24 (And was the easiest?)

Everything about the m24 is easy

I think in general, a 1.3 in the stock bolt assy and a decent SS internal barrel is a great place to start

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Honestly you’ll have a better chance of hitting people with a Gen 9, stainless or brass 7.3mm barrel, good hopup and just firing in short bursts than anything a manual bolt action could practically achieve on the field.


Understand but this will be for backyard target shooting…

I’m still swaying towards the m24 if I did go down the gen 9 path - what would you recommend? (Link please) I really want to get the purchase right …

there is no “right”

they will all cost after market cash - even if your intention is never to spend a cent…just won’t happen that way.

a back yard plinker, target shooting, m24, stock bolt, SS barrel, slight spring upgrade.

ultimately it’ll cost you allot less than any gen8/9 would but you definitely won’t get anything other than plugging over bbq in the back yard out of it.

Thanks for all your advice and help! - will start shopping :slight_smile: