So, I went hang gliding

Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that third pie?

Dude, how much food was in there?

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Had a dive buddy do that… The pie shop in Queenscliff is awesome. A little too tempting sometimes.
Problem was, underwater if you are going to puke you HAVE to puke through the regulator (because you automatically inhale just after a puke, and obviously you want air not water)
Standard practice is to put the spare regulator in your mouth, puke through that, then go back to your normal reg.
My dive buddy’s spare reg is what I have to use if my gear fails. So I was praying I didn’t have a failure. Don’t want to be chewing someone else’s carrots.

Luckily I didn’t have an equipment failure. The added bonus is when someone pukes underwater is it’s a smorgasbord for the fishes… Hundreds just appear from nowhere… Looked awesome!


BYO burley puke%20(1) puke2 puke3