So, my gen9 box expoded (which is probably my fault...)

Brought a cheap second hand gen9 on ebay,
seller claims that gel lobs out with out force, so i thought i get it and learn how to fix internal stuff before my ACR parts come in from china.

initial testing seems fine, tested the motor, turning as it should it seems,
so put the motor back in, and press the trigger, it would shoot once,
then it seems the gear gets jammed after one rotation,
let it sit for a bit, then press the trigger it will fire, and stop again,
tried adjusting the screw at the bottom, seemed to help a bit but still jams, or stop firing for some reason, so i thought i take it apart and have a look see if the gear is ok and all,

then with the upper receiver off, i thought it’d be interesting to see how the internal works since its a clear casing, so i connect the battery, press the trigger…
and then the front end along with cylinder head flew off :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:
i did it coz i tried that with my ACR (by accident actually) and nothing happened :sneezing_face:

good thing is now i can take it apart and not give a shit if i mess anything up,
also spare parts just in case

about to order a nylon box off ebay now,
the quality of those gen 9 / 10 nylon ones should be ok?

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Perhaps in the future take the springs out and rotate things around by hand to see what’s binding.


Sometimes, you just had to learn it the hard way to really learn - Icarus 2020
:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

what is the quality of the stock clear box anyway?
or is this something that could happen to nylon box as well??
coz i am thinking if i could find another clear box i’d just use that,
this one is gonna stay mostly stock anyway

What do you think caused that to happen ?

They are cheap for a reason. Nylon is better than the acrylic gen8 types. Nylon has a higher shock tolerance. But not indestructible.

my stupidity :pleading_face:?

How so, explain why it happened

tbh the whole reason for me to get the gen9 was for the clear box,
i wanna couple it with a clear cylinder tube, so then its firing i can see the piston and all that moving, looks kinda like the bolt fireing and all that jazz :sweat_smile:

i understand the clear acrylic parts are not as durable,
but with all stock motor / gear / spring and 7.4 battery, i am hoping it should be ok?
the only thing i am gonna change out are colourful nylon/pom piston / plunger / cylinder head / nozzle,
this is largely just gonna be a wall piece,
probably put a mag or two through it once in a blue moon :sweat_smile:

the (aged) acrylic box, especially the thinnest part of it (front nozzle area) cannot take the impact force from the piston hitting, even just stock spring, with out the support of the nylon outer receiver?

which is very interesting,
i lined everything back up and had a look, the only thing thats supporting the front of the box,
where mine broke off, is nothing but the t-piece :thinking:
apart from that there is really nothing holding the front to the body.
this means if for what ever reason, i fired that blaster with out the t-piece inside,
same thing could happen :thinking:??

I think it might have allready been cracked before you got at it


Yea why not go for it. I’m running stock LH Aug box which is the clear acrylic gen 8 type with 1.18 spring, alloy cylinder head, stock everything else, 3s 11.1v gone 150k + balls no problem so far.


maybe, but i didn’t notice any hair line crack at the front where it broke off,
but there were some on the right hand side (the eject port side) of the box,
it’s obviously a old blaster, no scratch or anything but everything was just loose,
and the charge handle spring snapped on me on first pull lol.

tbh i really don’t like the build quality compare to ACR, everything on the m4 seems a bit thinner :pleading_face:

anyway i got it cheap and knowing it’s been used and having issue,
it’s more so a cheap learning platform so i don’t mess up my ACR when i start building it,
just need to find a new gearbox for it now and start from there

good to know :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
i suppose if i don’t put too much stress on the acrylic box it should be fine

always had a thing for AUG too, out of all the bullpups, no sure why lol
was actually thinking on getting that for my first blaster,
but then my friend sold me his ACR so yah, eventually will get one,
and a P90 coz Stargate SG1 lol


You say your gbox is not supported. Mine is via where I’ve done green lines. There might be something in that.
Probably was hammered before you got it. Who knows. Get another and you’ll likely be right for what you want.

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Pretty sure Gen 9 M4A1s have nylon gearboxes? :thinking:

Sure you haven’t got a Gen 8?


@Maiphut It an Aug mate not a JM gen9 ?
@Friendly-fire The old gen9’s had acrylic


They also had the polycarbonate clear version too

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Thanks for adding to my pool of knowledge, Rattler. :+1:

Just when I thought I was getting a bit of a handle on what came out with what… damn! :joy:

I remember when the gen9 was released and everyone was excited, I was in Brisbane and I wanted to see what they were like so I decided to get one on the way home from work, but after having a look and a play I went home with nothing :poop:
They are the most popular blaster in Australia but I don’t know what people see in them.

i thinkg its because AR platform is such a popular look