So this is Project MK 92

I’ve been dropping hints all week on the next product to wear the MK brand.

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to the community members that have posted up, commented, and messaged me since the release of the MK V2. If it weren’t for these comms this project would not be coming to fruition.

I plan on updating this thread throughout the week. seems ya’ll like it when I post pics of my big machine :wink: Thanks again crew, you’re gonna love this next release!


Following intently. I have some blasters on the shelf that have been waiting for this! Another Mad Max production!


I’m all in :slight_smile:

Still looking for a cnc router to make some blaster shells to put your metal gearbox in…

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id say cnc isnt the best for making shells for ■■■■. casting or possibly modifying an ■■■■■■■ shell would work best

It will be a bunch of different techniques, but what I need is a milling machine and a cnc router. Cnc router being the highest priority. And I’d mostly be making additional stuff to put on current receivers etc…

If anyone knows of a roughly 6090 size router capable of doing aluminium, (that’s not stupid expensive or crap) let me know… Even second hand :slight_smile:

It’s up on the socials now… the announcement of the pre-order but firstly let’s break down who the MK ‘Hybrid’ 92 box is for…
:ballot_box_with_check:You want the reliability of an alloy box.
:ballot_box_with_check:You want a simple swap of internal parts.
:ballot_box_with_check:You don’t want to have file down or grind your receiver.
:ballot_box_with_check:You just want to drop in the box, not replace everything it connects to.
:ballot_box_with_check:You don’t want to spend more than $200

The first 10 units are going up for pre-order this Thursday night for $189. You can expect them to disappear quicker than the hawkex receiver :wink:

Yes Pay-it-later will still be active.

Here’s what’s on the mill now.

and here’s what’s on the 3d printer. Fresh Mag blocks!


Looks great so I’m guessing this Gen9 version will still fit in a metal M4 receiver?

Depends on the receiver… When we a are dealing with Chinese products we unfortunately deal with Chinese tolerances and standars or lack thereof mate. V2 was tested with Hawkex metal receivers and it was a good fit.

Cool so this hybrid unit will still fit in a V2 well at least a Hawkex. I was hoping all that junk in the trunk of a Gen9 wasn’t going to get in the way :wink:

It will fit in v2 but too early to speak of specific receivers mate

Wrong topic I know but you’re active here. I’m wondering which 8mm cylinder heads are compatible with the MK1 besides the wells? Seems really hard to find V2 cylinder heads which aren’t 6mm, any interest in CNCing some? Could be a good seller.

that is a very broad question mate because the head needs a cylinder and tappet to match…for example a gen 9 head will fit but you’ll need to thinker with cylinder length and shape a v2 tappet to make it all work.

That’s kind of what I was getting at. You’ve got this great bit of kit, but I’m sitting here at home looking at mine and wondering just what to put in it that’s not in some way a compromise, hence my suggestion to design a cylinder head and nozzle to go with it.

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Mate, I’m the same. I’m just building my MK box for a laugh, and figure if I’m going to drop $220 on the box (which is totally worth it), I may as well fill it with components that do it justice… I know half the fun is tinkering and figuring out what works, but if @MKTacticalHobbies were giving me an option to buy the tools to win, I’d pony up the cash faster than you can empty a mag in a blaster running a DSG gearbox.

Having said that, I’ve bought most of the running gear and hopefully, when the time comes and I get around to putting it together, it manages to somehow work.


snagged one @ 7:02 going into an acr


Buy Aussie made and support the locals👍🏽

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I was about to ask if anyone was also lucky enough to grab the pre-order. Gone in 6 minutes!

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Nah, missed out… Hopefully @MKTacticalHobbies give one away via Instagram like they did with the MK2, because I can’t afford to build another one of these boxes.

Hey guys they have them for sale again for $219 right now for pre order (3 weeks).
I hope these box’s do actually take a Gen9 cylinder, cylinder head and tappet, if so this is going to be so easy to build some new toys :joy:

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yes they do take a
Gen9 cylinder, cylinder head and tappet :slight_smile:

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