SOLD: Custom m24 rifle

Hey guys. Am considering selling my m24 rifle i customised it myself. Custom paint. Metal kit. Alloy inner barrel. Custom spring. 4 mags to go with it. 250 or negotiable.

where bouts are u located? can u post?

Ipswich. Id be abit weiry about postal in terms of handling and making sure it gets there in one piece. I would prefer pickup

Don’t really wanna drive 1200km for a gel blaster lol all good mate totally understand

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Hey @Sam_D , whats the next project?
Still waiting on mine. Seeing the guy this arvo so will be able to check on progress.

@Matth1000 m4a1 gen 8. Already got a pimped part for it but yea. I still love my m24 but seeing as the m4 is getting more usage im gonna try and get most of my cash back to upgrade the m4. Im gonna miss it

Still up for sale guys

Still available? And howm uch

sold yonks ago and has since been taken to with a dremel :rofl: