SOLD: Kriss Vector (not stock) + 2 mags - $150

immaculate - my CQB weapon of pain and in yer face.

woman wants a p90 grumble @$(!

  • Full cylinder

  • 7.5mm ID alloy barrel and threaded T piece & hopup

  • orange o’ring - still in top condition

  • new FET board - i fried the original one punishing a bullet proof inDUHvidual

  • 1.4 spring

  • 2 mags - pristine condition also

  • freshly serviced and lubed, goes hard, decent range, leaves reminders that you were there.

  • other OEM box bits - foldable stock

NO BATTERY - it has been running well on 3S when i need to spray and pray, 2S otherwise.
for an extra $25 you can have the other 4 mags

LOCATION: south west brisbane-ish

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Man. I wish this was posted a week ago. I just grabbed another one for the family! Great deal mate,

i’m hoping peeps who’ve been on the pew pew end recognise it :slight_smile:

i am also secretly hoping no1 buys it and she gets the p90 anyway.

sooo many hours tweaking this to CQB perfection. goes hard on the range as a backup too which is where most bullet cushions would recognise it

@Kilo_Slice will take this off your hands

With the extra mags also :pray:

Hamish is a sad panda…

@Kilo_Slice pm me