SOLD MultiCam Metal v2 Receiver with Handguard & Grip

SOLD MultiCam Metal v2 Receiver with Handguard & Grip

Brand New. Will fit any V2 Gearbox.

This kit includes:

Metal v2 Receiver MultiCAM
Metal 11 inch MutliCAM HandGuard
Nylon front Grip - Multi CAM
Black Pistol Grip (This isn’t Multicam, but fits receiver and any 180 motor).
All the Pins, Mag release, Trigger, trigger guard and fire selector switch are black Metal.

Missing: (You will need to buy these separately.) Any V2 compatible part will work
Dust Cover
Charging Handle
Bold Release

Price: SOLD

i will buy.PMed you on previous pm

What did this go for?

two hundred and fifty dollars

Damn. Score. .

I need another job to fund more sexy blaster bits

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quick little mockup. SLR metal charging handle fits. ambi mag release fits. MK tactical H92 gearbox drops in. extended warinterest outer barrel perfect length for flash hider. LDT mag fits but ACR mags the rear of mag well is too tight will file it wider. Very happy with this purchase thanks Kesium