Sold : STD Ak47 V2 upgraded

My daughter’s STD AK-47 V2 upgraded, got an alloy barrel and 11.1v battery and whatever else they did to these before selling it, I just bought it and left it as is, not sure what’s upgraded other than the barrel and battery.
Bought this about October last year, my daughter has run the battery flat a total of 3 times and that’s been all the use it’s seen, given she doesn’t use it and its taking up room I just want it gone.
It shoots pretty good, around about 240fps which I am basing off my HK416 which is aching 250-260fps and the Ak is only a little lower in velocity.
So it comes with one battery and 3 mags and is in very good condition maybe a little dusty from storage
Hoping for $100 pickup south west near Jindalee or post at your expense


If your interested throw a number at me, I’m open to offers