Solink motor thoughts

Just wanting people’s thoughts on the solink high torque motor haven’t heard anything about them

hadn’t seen them until your post, my brushless motor arrived today, good times ahead

I killed my shs high torque motor looking at new ones I like the new warheads just not sure about price

Yeah, that price stings a bit, I was about to give the heads up about a bargain Tinely 30K (apologies you know who) but your handle looked awfully familiar, yep, you know about it.

The Solink I found after your OP was only $30 less than the Warhead, and without shittin’ on something I have zero knowledge of, the materials, construction and specs of these Warheads are absolutely top notch, I would definitely put them head to head before purchasing something similar, you may be surprised, I may be surprised.

That’s what I’m deciding I’m just looking at the shs again or the warhead as no one knows about solink

and for a mere thirty bucks less are you the one to find out

My thoughts on the Solink brushless motor here.

For the right price, it’s a good motor. Otherwise just get the warhead motor