Something cool, nothing to do with gelblasters

Not gel blaster related, but I thought was an excellent investment of 38 minutes.


I thought the concept of this was a bit silly when I saw the trailer on Netflix, but this was quite good actually.

It does make you wonder what the heck all this is; a giant void permeated by matter and energy that obey what seem like arbitrary forces…coalescing and interacting with itself. It’s just all so bizarre.

Also can’t help but feel a little down that we will never be able to actually go exploring.

This is another one that is well interesting, a bit long, but really worth the watch if you want a sharp dose of perspective:

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Making a post so I can find it again in a week or so

Same here ^

I just stumbled across a post I made 3 weeks from now? ceazy laughing (1)


Time travel in Howl’s moving Castle @Calcifer lol


If you’re my age, you might remember the movie “The Philadelphia Experiment” from the 80’s?
Was a movie I liked, watched it a couple times. But, until around 5 yrs ago, had no Idea it was actually based on a true story.

If you have plenty of time on your hands, watch the 2nd vid. If you haven’t watched the first vid, the actual movie, you’ll have to watch that first lol

Call me gullible, but, I believe every word.
The rabbit hole goes a lot deeper if you keep researching it.

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While you are at it, look for ‘Logan’s Run’

I reckon there are similarities between that and the plandemicicon_e_ugeek pop

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Predestination was awesome…

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Watched this the other night too…
Lots of fun


Fuck yes! I enjoyed watching that one

More gratuitous violence.

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That was a goodun :+1:

I am Guanyin, and Guanyin has done this :rofl:

Everly was awesome.
I’ll check out bounty killer

Shoot em up staring Clive Owen was worth a watch too…

Great action.
Thoroughly enjoyable. Who knew carrots were that dangerous?
Monica Belluci, even more enjoyable. Clive would’ve paid to do that scene.

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Waiting to watch this :sunglasses:


This should be a laugh :joy: