Something id like if it was ever legalised

This thing looks awesome to play with:


You and everyone else here :+1:
Check out Kicking Mustang’s YouTube page, it is one of my favorites :sunglasses:


is he that sniper that wears the camo kit all the time, i loved when he was up the tree getting ppl with his pistol.
some games they get over seas we just cant compete with.

Yes that’s him, He designed the Ghillie suit he wears and sells them too.
He has a great tutorial on it aswell.

Yeah Novrisch climbs in trees and does lots of sniping. He is not well liked in the ■■■■■■■ community though

No one that is any good ever is :thinking:

I think it due to the rifles though, the AS community despise the way he resells figles and mods for alot more than the manufacturer.

But if you go to AS forums man they bag out on Lancer Tactical though lol.

Kicking Mustang also gets hammered, but he is a very good player so gets shunned.
I personally love watching the guys videos of his game play

I do too, they are heavily cut to make it look fun. I love watching House of Gamers videos, his a lot more interesting to me, but I am not really a sniper type person.

Yeah well I ain’t a sniper type with gel ball because they’re useless but if we had A/S I would be


With A/S we can play so many different ways, that is the benefit, I mean I already have my eyes on my A/S weapons and one is a DMR though GBBR SR-25

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So jsut saw that if this was legal here his snipers would only cost between $500 aud to $800 aud, and his ■■■■ are backed with a 25 year warranty, free spare parts.!!!

fk me ded

his stuff is made to withstand and not break. if onyl we had this sort of stuff in GB, this is what i am after this kind of quality.

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watch those 2 plus desert fox ■■■■■■■. my general conclusion is most of the players they play against are lemmings.


Yep you nailed it, instead of learning from them,they look for excuses and so never end up getting any better :rofl:

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That would be cool. I’ve got 3800 acres of fun to be had that is my own. Just had my own mates skirmish Oz day long weekend here, it was soo much fun. Lots of scenarios… defend the shearing shed haha it was a blast literally haha