Sourcing an APS gearbox

How the bloody hell dose Manage to sell out of APS s.e let alone sell any of them APS s.e gear boxes for $200-$220.:astonished::roll_eyes::unamused:

And there available on ebay for $79 and they ship to Aus as well :roll_eyes:.

And if ever our wooondeerfull government :roll_eyes: ever permits air soft :roll_eyes: :unamused: it wouldent be much mods and less $$$ :roll_eyes:

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That looks sweet :lollipop: :drooling_face:

That is US dollars, so you need to convert and add gst for starters

I looked on ebay, they mostly come from Honkers starting at $AU81 :grinning:

Would have to ask the seller to change any reference from airsoft to toy, or gel blaster

From the US, they would charge heaps in shipping… probably the shipping would cost more than the part :roll_eyes:

Edit: that top one is from Honkers too… so free postage… interesting…

Yer :thinking: , And your point :thinking: , Im aware :roll_eyes: of the U.S dollars and its still cheaper :roll_eyes:, Iv sent a few vendors emails asking if they will send to Aus :rofl: , And most were more than happy to take my $$$. :roll_eyes:

They should almost drop straight into a wells M4 or JM gen 9 .
Gota love ebay :grin:

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My point is that it work out around $ 140 AU once all fees and conversions plus its an airsoft version with no mag connection.
So that makes the $200 Not bad considering you get it much quicker and no risk of losing it to customs, it has Local warranty and your supporting local business

No, Sorry mate, Its $140 flat rate even cheaper if ya look hard enough, and iv never had any problems with customs.
Yea bullshit,$200 is More like that’s the price you pay for convenience.
People with patience order from china al the time :wink:

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Keep us posted as to if you purchase one of these and it doesn’t get seized.
Most items seem to process through Sydney first and then distributed to other major cities. Because Sydney have a gel soft ban I’d expect it to be flagged during sorting, however I have read that if the trigger is not assembled then it’s ok. Not sure if that’s true or not. But if it does get seized and you have to submit a permit form that could be a 50/50 gamble.
I like the idea of cheap, but I’d prefer to support local businesses and pay the extra as they go over and above to keep this sport growing.

That sounds like something a police man would say.

Haha I could never be a police officer, I couldn’t help myself if I came across a child fiddler or murderer. Plus they earn peanuts

Just seems in nearly every time a topic comes up that is a bit sensitive :roll_eyes: or the crazy fools shouldn’t be doing it :sweat_smile: , You always seem to correct the person and school them up that its illegal or something :rofl:

And that’s not the sort of thing isent appropriate :open_mouth: to say hear considering the age group of some members.
It goes with out saying that anyway. :rage:

Not really, to many dick heads out there with tiny brains that’ll ruin the sport.
It’s a shame Australias so soft it can’t have airsoft, so I’d like to protect what basic baby stuff the government allows us to have.
So if you have a problem with that don’t read my posts…it ain’t going to bother me


Lol, you sir are an idiot.
Little keyboard bitch…:fu:t4:


Are you serious ?
The guy said nothing offensive to you !
This is a community and there are many different views, no need to get aggressive.

whos getting offensive ???

You attack the guy for saying nothing to you that I could read as offensive .
There is no place in this community for this type of behavior, we are all friends here

Yawn, over it.
Although PM me I’m happy to say it to your face if you wanna get all salty🤦🏽‍♂️

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There’s also the issue of obtaining permit and paying the license fee which then allows you import anything gel blaster related through customs that is legal without the Chance of getting raided, charged or imprisoned. It’s just another way the government can get more $$$$ from us. So take

That into consideration aswell so their mark up isn’t as profitable as we may think. Obviously yes their making a profit from it but thats how businesses operate. And how some of us make a living.

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Agree. Got no patience for rock spiders. Feed em to the pigs down at the farm

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