Specs on the inner barrel?

May i know what is the length of the original inner barrel of Moyu Scar? 270mm?

270mm but that includes the t-piece as well so it will be shorter if not including the t-piece

that is if you still require this info


Just looking for an opinion on how to include a hop-up on the inner barrel? Would you get a 330mm inner barrel and then change the muzzle with a suppressor? Thanks.

not sure on barrel length you would need but sure you can add a suppressor but get all the parts then trim barrel to suit the suppressor and hop up you use

also mine had a dodgy 14mm reverse thread on the outer barrel you may want to check a suppressor goes on tight first

i did not measure it but you may fit a hopup in the flash hider that it comes with

Thank you for responding and suggestions. The inner barrel is considerably shorter then outer barrel, so a boring cylindrical screw on hop up is not going to work. So I have to get a longer inner barrel anyway. Two options: 1. Use a boring cylindrical screw on hop up. 2. Use a friction fit (then glued) hop up onto the inner barrel and then slip the original flash hider over it. Looks nicer but have to risk hop up not fitting nicely over the inner barrel.