Spring for shs 18:1 dsg gears

I’m new to the forum and i’m trying to build a dsg set up. I’m currently using shs 18:1 gear set with a compatible shs 8-tooth dsg. My blaster is running with a franken torque motor, an M120 spring and i’m wondering if switching to an M150 or harder sổng would help it feed better and shoots harder.
Thank you all for the advice.

M120 to low mate…

Try M170


From what I’ve found researching, m150 is the lowest you want to go. Lower springs are supposed to be unable to do a full tappet stroke before the sector re-engages, so you don’t get the good pew pew


I’m using an alpha king AK74MS for this build so no metal gearbox. I’m affraid that the M170 would just shoots out the back of the gearbox

Good luck with the build, might get some tips for my 74MS.

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Mate did you modify the piston rack to suit ?
Also don’t forget your not pulling the spring back as far as in a standard build so the m170 is not as hard to pull back as you may think.
Also try a 2s Lipo :+1:

Me personally wouldn’t bother doing a dsg in a nylon box.
A high speed SSG setup would be a better in my opinion.

But then again if you don’t try you’ll never know if does or doesn’t work✌🏽

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I’m using an 8 tooth dsg and i removed 8 teeth off of the piston to match. Did u use any sector delay and what motor r u using mate?

No sector delay, I used 30k ASG motor.

But next one I’m building I’m going to go somewhere around 22k and try 14.8 volts.

Did u modify the tappet spring?

Yeah bud I cut 4 coils off, two from each end.

Finally got my dsg ak running and feeding properly. Turns out with an M160 no sector delay is required and the tappet spring is 4 coils less to reach the max fps.
Thank you all for the responses.


Nice! Great work👍🏽 FPS?

I’m getting from 240 to 270 fps with ldt heavier milkies and an M160 spring though i dont know the ROF because my chrono doesnt have that feature.

Hi. Which M160 spring did u get for your dsg? I heard those SHS ones are generally rated lower than they actually are (stiffer than other brands)

@Hiroshima_screamer…can you share the picture of dsg 18:1 tappet modify…im actually interesting to build 18:1 DSG…TQ

Hi @Hiroshima_screamer what ratio gears did you use for the high speed ssg build and what was your ROF?

12:1 with two teeth shaved of the piston and sector.
ROF was 38-40, motor was 30K

Thanks I’ve just brought 13:1 with the 30k motor ratter recommends from CHGBBS. Trying to achieve the same ROF. What spring worked for your build?