Spring loaded mags for gels

What you reckon of doing away with the
Motorised mag, and going For spring loaded. Obviously using a stronger stable gel ball ?

The gels would have to prefers the innovation

Can’t say I have much of a position either way but mags definitely need to be designed better for maintenance

The LH AUG mag is a brilliant example of considered design


I agree that the existing mags leave a lot to be desired, but we need a source of electricity anyway to fire the blaster, so why not continue improving the current design?

From my experience with Hasbro colourful soft dart blaster mags, I don’t think that cheap spring mags are going to be any better than cheap motorised mags (indeed, probably worse!). So not trying to put you down mate, I just don’t understand the benefit?

All good mate just throwing it out there. But back on topic, there’s a lot of benefits:

  • no electronics so you save a bit on the battery.
  • less moving parts
  • water and electronics don’t go well together
  • won’t have to prime the mag, as spring will push them up ( take a bit of engineering there)
  • get to use all the gel balls in the mag, without having left overs, that can’t be feed up
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I thought a lot about this and I think the clock spring design with the charging thumbwheel would be perfect. Once the gels are in the magazine feed tube there would be very little if any deformation so they should feed fine. There’s a lot of talk about the AKA gels atm which might work well in this design.


Have a crack… let us know how it works out :+1: