Spring Retainer & FPS Issue

Gday all. My son wanted to have a go at gel ball so I bought him a gen 8 M4 and a Wells with Black nylon receiver upgrade for myself. The gen 8 is going great but there are a couple of issues with the Wells.

Firstly the FPS is much lower than expected. I’ve seen reviews with 250-280 out of the box but mine won’t do more than 220 with blue or red gels which is the same as my sons gen 8. I tried one of the oversized o rings but it made no difference.

The other issue is that the spring retainer pops off and pulls the wire out of the battery connector on the way past.

Any ideas on sorting these issues would be appreciated. Thanks

Is it the standard spring retainer? I found that when I swapped out the standard spring for a 1.25 I had to change the spring retainer to one which had bearings in the spring seat. So when the spring compressed it would pivot and not want to twist out the rear. Pretty sure I got it from XForce.

Something like this but for the wells M4

Thanks a lot I’ll check it out.

similar experience here and whilst i like my wells…did not live up to expectation.

OOTB they come with a spring that is too short! it was a 1.3 but too short…the longer 1.25 will help alot in keeping that retainer in. replacing the retainer is still a good iea.

those old reviews are for wells with a full cylinder. a while back they started porting them.

i have yet to bother replacing the ported cylinder, run a 1.4 and metal gearing. most other bits are entirely stock. i have maybe a meager 5mtr extra range on most folks which is plenty for me to consider it a reasonable blaster

GOOD HOPUP! damn wells couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn without it.


Thanks for that info, glad to know about the porting as I was curious about that as well given my sons Gen 8 is a full cylinder. Im wondering if they did that to deal with the retainer issue.

I’m ordering the level 1 upgrade kit from gelballmod.com which will solve the porting and spring issue as well as adding metal gears. I’m waiting to hear back from them regarding the availability of the metal retainer.

The level 2 kit comes with an alloy barrel but not sure why as the Wells already has one.

not all alloy barrels are created equally.

the porting was probably done to limit the fps or maybe increase accuracy without a hopup.

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Yeah your probably right with the FPS limitation. I’m chasing around 300-320 FPS as I dont want to sacrifice accuracy for speed to much. Ill drop in the level 2 kit but retain the original spring to start with based on your experiences.

i like that fps range too but allot of fields cop a snotty about 300+ which i feel is perfectly justified.

The local field doesn’t currently have an FPS limit howeve4 after chatting with the gelballmod.com guy I’m going with the stage 1 kit as stage 2 can get 350-370 which is a bit over th3 top.

David,not sure if u need more info but i found if you split the wells M401 box and put battery wires and connector through the small rectangular hole (is where i think it SHOULD go )then up through the spring opening it doesnt get in the way near as much.
I cut the insulation also at times when removing the spring but good now.
Also grease the spring retainer shaft so spring can spin.
I stretched standard spring half an inch as i had issues fitting a new 1.3 spring.Seemed too long and compresses before completing the cycle thus jamming.
I purchased a 32:1metal gear set and a blue piston metal ladder with alloy piston head,this
didnt work as this ratio seems to need a half ladder.
Still searching an answer on that one.
I used thenew red alloy head and a green o ring with a good smear of lube and have great compression now.
Punching gels through 1/2" compressed foam at 2’ away.
Dont be disillusioned by the M401,it is plenty upgradable !
I’m waiting on a Wells standard gbox and parts to keep it going but i think i will buy another WellsM4 to keep standard except for a metal piston head and green o ring.
Hope this helps.

Thanks rogepern Ill do the wire re-route thing when I put in the metal gears along with the rest of the stage 1 upgrade kit sometime in the next week. I’ve bought the metal spring retainer with the bearings so hopefully that issue will be sorted. I’m aiming for around 300-320 as i dont want to sacrifice accuracy to much so I think ill be experimenting a bit with different springs. I didnt get the alloy head but ill see what the results are with the kit before doing much more. just need to source some silicone lube before i start on the upgrade.

DavidW, Appologies for the late reply.
I have my M401 working great with a 1.3 spring, full stainless cylinder etc but I’ve since fitted a 7mm tight bore barrel and every color gell comes out the end in a puff of vapour and pieces.
I refitted spring with the standard one but still the same problem.
Theres a lot more punch out of the barrel than before i upgraded so maybe the pressures too strong for the gels to handle…
I don’t have a chrono and can only go on memory as well as another new stock M401 still in the box i can compare it too.
Hope you have things sorted.

What size do you grow your gels to?
I have a 7.1 barrel and only grow the gels to 6.9-7mm.

I bought the fighting bro 7mm barrel and was informed that milkies were the ones to use but they shatter as well before leaving the barrel.
The gel wont roll through but it can be sucked through.
Had them wet and the interior of the barrel is highly polished.
I’ll try the standard alloy barrel again soon to check the comparison.

As Hiroshima said, you need to control the growth of the gel balls.
You want approx. .2mm smaller the the barrel id.

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Aha, will try that.
I’ve refitted factory barrel now and blasters working fine.i couldnt use 32:1 gearset EXCEPT for the metal motor pinion gear and the bevel gear.
They are the same as the nylon and mesh smoothly.
I will see if the metal bevel gear has detremental effects on the nylon spur gear in time.

How long do you keep your gels in water for? And what brand?



If you want to control grow your gels for a tight bore barrel (mine is a FB 7mm ID barrel), i follow the bruisemaster method…1 gram of milkies to 3ml of water in a flat bottom container and don’t let the gels stack on top of each other when growing. To stop the stacking, fill your container to 5mm full of water, measure how much water that is. Say it’s about 450ml, then you will add 15grams of milkies and wait until all the water has been soaked up. I have so far got very consistent results with Ausgel and warinterest milkies.